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  • Volcanoes Workbook by Auntie Lil

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    Volcanoes Workbook. This workbook and case sudies is designed to meet the majority of the requirements of the AQA Geography Entry Level - I think just the case study is missing. Main Vent Boiling hot (molten) rock that has erupted out of a…

  • Year 7 Unit 4 Floods by coreenburt


    Year 7 Unit 4 Floods. An 8 page booklet on flooding in general and in the UK. Here is a diagram of how flooding occurs. Use your textbook to fill in what is happening. ___________________ How does this soil become so hard and dry? ________…

  • New Zealand earthquake (2011) resources by DreamTeachGeography

    Worksheet, Activity

    New Zealand earthquake (2011) resources. These two resources work together to provide pupils with an insight into the recent earthquake. 3) Using the map to the right, suggest why earthquakes occur in New Zealand: 4) The earthquake happene…

  • Earths structure by Hayley Oxby


    Earths structure. Earths structure labeling sheet. Low ability. It is a thin layer of solid rock. It is much thicker under the land than it is under the ocean. It flows very slowly. Further down there is the outer core. The inner core is s…

  • Where does crime happen? by blackfriary

    Worksheet, Activity

    Where does crime happen?. A whole lesson - a PowerPoint for discussion with an accompanying table. 2 What are your crime perceptions? What crime do you think might happen here? What crime do you think might happen here? Evidence? Which gro…

  • Formation of a Hurricane: higher and lower ability by krystina2


    Formation of a Hurricane: higher and lower ability. As the warm, moist air over the ocean rises in the low air pressure area, cold air from above replaces it. The storm becomes a hurricane when there are sustained winds of over 73 miles pe…

  • Volcano sweet homework by SJMAC


    Volcano sweet homework. Students design a sweet looking at the different layers of the earth and properties. You need to think carefully about what happens at each of the layers crust, mantle, outer and inner core. Words to help: fiery, ho…

  • Japan 2011 tsunami by claire494


    Japan 2011 tsunami. Worksheets about the recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Name _____________________________________ Form___________ Geography Homework Japan Tsunami Factfile Date Time of earthquake Magnitude (size) of earthquake Epicen…

  • Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan - DARTs by rebecccajwalker


    Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan - DARTs. A DARTs (Directed Activity Related to Text) regarding the Earthquake and Tsunami on 11th March, uses CBBC Newsround. The earthquake was caused because Japan is on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where the…

  • Locating volcanoes using latitude and longitude by idj



    Locating volcanoes using latitude and longitude. This activity looks at the location of famous volcanoes with the pupils having to locate them on a map using their lines of latitude and longitude. It is a colourful, child-friendly design. …

  • Year 7 Structure of the Earth's core by coreenburt


    Year 7 Structure of the Earth's core. Revsion worksheet on the structure of the Earth - the crust, mantle and core. It is a thin skin of ________around the ________. 2. The MANTLE The mantle forms about _________ of the earth. 1. How thick…

  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes by Pura Vida

    Worksheet, Posters and displays, Tutorial

    Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Powerpoints relating to the topic Earthquakes and Volcanoes, including; The structure of the Earth Plate boundaries Earthquakes Case studies Structure of a volcano More to follow 1 In the back of your book DESCRI…

  • Boscastle Mystery by lemonylucas

    Lesson plan, Other, Worksheet, Activity

    Boscastle Mystery. Lesson that covers the causes of flooding with a follow up mystery based on Boscastle. Ask them to write down title, date and complete the starter. Set time limit and expectations. Walk round giving help where necessary.…