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    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Y7 MEDIEVAL REALMS. PEASANT'S LIFE GAME. BOARD GAME AND TASKS TO COMPLETE AS PLAYED. Move forward 1 square You have a good harvest and store up lots of food for the winter. Go forward 2 squares. The Lord has had a new barn built. You finis…

  • Chertsey - Medieval village by TES Resource Team

    Lesson plan

    Chertsey - Medieval village. This lesson provides pupils with a glimpse of a medieval village. Medieval picture maps are not accurate but they do give pictorial representations. There is commonland, meadow and land belonging to the abbey. …

  • The Medieval Church by pinseph123


    The Medieval Church. A set of resoures to assist SEN or less able Year 7 pupils with understanding The role of the church in Medieval Times. 3 Medieval Churches Medieval Church is a beast Pope Bishop Priest Archbishop 4 The Church Apart fr…

  • Domesday Book by nationalarchives

    Lesson plan

    Domesday Book. Exploring the Domesday Book to support the teaching of Unit 2: How did medieval monarchs keep control? Domesday Book : What can we learn about England in the 11th century? Tasks Read Source 1 1. Who holds Patcham after 1066?…

  • History starter by BiltonStilton


    History starter. Simple matching activity - match the person with the description. This person was in charge of the church. Their job was very important and they could influence the Lord’s choices. They spent their days hunting or eating l…

  • Who lived in Medieval towns? by ccking

    Leadership plan, Worksheet, Activity

    Who lived in Medieval towns?. Meet the villagers powerpoint and data capture sheet are both based aroud a Schoolsnet online lesson. Task: What 3 questions would you like to ask? What are the weaknesses? VILLAGERS Plenary: Self-Review Go ba…

  • Medieval Town by natalieleesjohnson


    Medieval Town. To examine key features of a medieval town and compare it with a modern town. What does it definitely tell us? What does it suggest to us? They grew their own food, built their own houses and made their own clothes. Crop Rot…

  • Chertsey by nationalarchives

    Lesson plan

    Chertsey. This lesson provides pupils with a glimpse of a medieval village. It owes its existence to the Abbey which dominated the village in the Middle Ages. d) How accurate do you think this map is? 3 © Crown Copyright 2008 Background Pr…

  • Unit 3: Medieval life: The Black Death by QCDA_Resources

    Lesson plan, Termly planning

    Unit 3: Medieval life: The Black Death. Use textbooks, videos, story and discussion to build up pupils' knowledge of the Black Death. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Black Death identify some differences between medieval bel…

  • Unit 3: Medieval life: The Peasants' Revolt by QCDA_Resources

    Lesson plan, Termly planning

    Unit 3: Medieval life: The Peasants' Revolt. Ask pupils What happened next? Tell them to speculate by thinking back to their work on kings in unit 2 'Medieval monarchs'. Then tell them about Richard's action in dispersing the crowd through…

  • life in mediaval times by Rakiro


    life in mediaval times. usefull for teaching medieval monarchs continuation: of history work Medieval times Who is a lord Lord is a deferential appellation[1] for a person or deity who has authority, control, or power over others; a master…

  • Farmers Year by woodgreenhistory

    Worksheet, Tutorial

    Farmers Year. Jobs carried out by Peasants Collective Nouns Review your work: Strength: what is good about the answer? L.O: Describe the jobs carried out during the year Identify the Problems faced by farmers in the Middle Ages Wednesday, …

  • Crib table exploring different people by BiltonStilton


    Crib table exploring different people. A crib table for students to complete looking at information in the SHP text books. Was life the same for everyone in a Medieval town? As you read the information sheets, fill in the table to show wha…

  • Unit 3: Medieval life: Town and country by QCDA_Resources

    Lesson plan, Termly planning

    Unit 3: Medieval life: Town and country. Objectives Children should learn: how aspects of medieval life are interpreted in modern films to review their knowledge of this unit and highlight key findings to select and deploy their knowledge …

  • Medieval Crime & Punishment by andrewphilipmurphy14

    Worksheet, Activity, Posters and displays

    Medieval Crime & Punishment. A gallery style lesson. Fill in your worksheet as you go. Crime and Punishment in Medieval Times Objective To be able to describe (L4), explain (L5) and analyse (L6) crime and punishment in medieval times Writi…

  • Medieval towns and villages by Emily Thomas


    Medieval towns and villages. Students look at the pictures of a town and a village and generate their own questions. His family have a small cottage of one room. In the village, all the farming land is divided up into narrow strips belongi…

  • Interactive Medieval Village by llywelyn morgan


    Interactive Medieval Village. Can be used in medieval village planning lesson. Buildings can be dragged into position. Please leave feedback - positive or negative!

  • Medieval Village Quiz, Quiz, Trade by Tim Smale


    Medieval Village Quiz, Quiz, Trade. A simple but effective game and great for introducing new information. When done they swap cards. After 10mins, student return to seats and mind map what they can remember. This was so that enemies could…

  • Medieval Realms by BritishLibrary


    Medieval Realms. Illuminated manuscripts are the survivors of the Middle Ages, shedding light on both the great events of the period and the everyday life of ordinary people. In this web resource you will be able to examine evidence in a n…