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"There are only two constants in life - diversity and change!"
Durga-Mata Chaudhuri grew up in the Quaker branch of Christianity. She spent a year in Northern Ireland before studying in Birmingham, Her husband is Indian and positive encounters with many different communities inspired her to train as a specialist RE teacher. Durga-Mata has worked in several multi-ethnic schools and as a facilitator for the University of the First Age. Her business, Blue Lotus Enterprises markets educational games of her design, which promote spiritual and emotional intelligence. In 2009 Durga-Mata started offering RE and Community Cohesion consultation and in 2012 started to give monthly all day workshops for RE teachers and anyone else interested in philosophy and a reflective, meditative and spiritual approach to life. As and art-teacher she gives Silk-Paint workshops - see
Member since 17/12/2008 Location England Subjects Art and Design, Religious Education Workplace Secondary education Current workplace director of Blue Lotus Enterprises www.bluelotus.c Since 2005
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