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Secondary Maths Collection - Mr Collins’ Maths Sheets

Resources | Published 3 February, 2012

Secondary Maths Resource Collections

Collection Author: Craig Barton - Maths AST and creator of (TES Name: mrbartonmaths)

I am forever looking for ways to make revision for GCSE interesting. You are faced with the eternal problem that students (despite their protests) have seen all the material before, so it is imperative that if revision is to be meaningful and effective that it is to be covered in a different and engaging way.

Well, how about this for a solution. Paul Collins has created this amazing set of Table Sheets, aimed at both Foundation and Higher students. I trialled them out with my Year 10 class, and they went down a treat.

Here is Mr Collins himself to explain more:

”I created my set of Mathematics ‘table sheets’, of which there are 34, in order to provide an engaging alternative to GCSE Revision. Too often I witnessed GCSE classes being given past paper after past paper in order to revise for their Mathematics GCSE examinations. I feel my sheets provide a welcome change to this routine and each time I have used them they have been greeted with great enthusiasm.

The sheets work best with Higher Tier candidates although half of the questions on each sheet are aimed at the Foundation Tier. In order to aid student’s revision each sheet has a number line, BODMAS reminder and key formulae; the formulae are randomly spread throughout the sheets meaning that classes will need to support each other with their revision i.e. if somebody needs to use Pythagoras’ theorem and they have forgotten the formula for it they can ask the class who has it on their sheet. There is even the possibility of having a team challenge using the ‘Raymond’s Rovers’ and ‘Collins City’ team shirts in the top-right of each sheet

The sheets have been well received and each sheet enables students to progress through the GCSE levels as they work through the 10 questions. I hope they are of good use to others and for more information on how I’ve used them in my lessons please see my blog post…

Enjoy these fantastic resources, and please also take a moment to visit Paul’s excellent Blog full of fantastic teaching ideas

Raymond’s Rovers

Raymond’s Rovers 1

Raymond’s Rovers 2

Raymond’s Rovers 3

Raymond’s Rovers 4

Raymond’s Rovers 5

Raymond’s Rovers 6

Raymond’s Rovers 7

Raymond’s Rovers 8

Raymond’s Rovers 9

Raymond’s Rovers 10

Raymond’s Rovers 11

Raymond’s Rovers 12

Raymond’s Rovers 13

Raymond’s Rovers 14

Raymond’s Rovers 15

Raymond’s Rovers 16

Raymond’s Rovers 17

Collin’s City

Collin’s City 1

Collin’s City 2

Collin’s City 3

Collin’s City 4

Collin’s City 5

Collin’s City 6

Collin’s City 7

Collin’s City 8

Collin’s City 9

Collin’s City 10

Collin’s City 11

Collin’s City 12

Collin’s City 13

Collin’s City 14

Collin’s City 15

Collin’s City 16

Collin’s City 17

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3.8 average rating

Comment (18)

  • The sheets are ok I would not say amazing , they are not very well presented (hand written) - some drawings are very poor (no ruler). His blog is very good I would definitely recommend it. For resources like this it would be better if you could download them all at once in a zipped file or saved into one pdf. There is starting to be doing many collections and not all of them deserve there place as excellent resources - sorry if it sounds negative there is just too many poor quality resources out there. I wouldn't use these purely from a presentation view point - I stopped using hand written sheets about 10 years ago.

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    Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
    5 February, 2012


  • I feel the need to defend these! As a department we have have two sets printed on A3 and laminated. We are using them with all our Year 11 classes who are sitting the March exam. Students work in groups of 4 and have 5 minutes to answer as many questions from one of the Table Sheets as possible. They then move onto another table where there is a new sheet. After about 25 minutes of this I project the sheets onto the IWB and we discuss the answers. The kids have responded really positively to them and enjoy the informal presentation. Thank you Mr Collins for sharing!

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    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    18 February, 2012


  • Sorry, forgot to add my rating!

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    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    18 February, 2012


  • Some people seem to want everything handed to them on a plate - see negative comment above. Good for him for adding these sheets. His blog is good too.

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    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    19 February, 2012


  • How do I add my rating? Want to give it some stars//

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    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    19 February, 2012


  • Stars at last

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    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    19 February, 2012


  • I am saddened to hear the negative comment made about these resources. There has been a considerable amount of time, effort and sacrifice gone into producing these revision sheets which should be greatly valued and appreciated. It is interesting to see that the most cynical and critical people are the ones who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. By the sounds of it, lwalker179 sounds like the perfect teacher.....yet she has not uploaded even one resource. Unfortunately, there are too many people willing to capitalise on other people's hard work, but not contribute anything themselves to the melting pot!

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  • I do one-to-one tuition and my students have enjoyed the 'messy' presentation of the sheets. It seems to help them to focus somehow! I can imagine that students in classes would like supplying information to others who do not have what they want on their own sheets. The searching for relevant information and passing it on will help them to remember the facts, too.
    A great resource. Thank you very much.

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    10 May, 2012


  • I really like these. The handwritten aspect is quirky and the kids respond well to it. The abundance of facts ( easily forgotten ) such as the equivalence of gallons and litres and miles and kilometres are invaluable. I use the sheets as part of a revision carousel and then get the kids to write down five things they can remember how to do at the end of the carousel. I am inspired by the idea and would like to make my own personalised resources. Fantastic resource and thank you for sharing.

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    11 March, 2013


  • I love the handwritten aspect - this is what the students would do in a lesson!!!

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    19 April, 2013


  • These are fabulous! Thank you so much for your time and effort Mr Collins...I do 1 to 1 tuition and these are a great revision aid...colourful and quirky and the children I teach love them :o)

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    9 May, 2013


  • Don't seem to be able to add any stars ...5 from me :o)

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    9 May, 2013


  • These look great! I am tutoring at the moment and was looking for inspiration at how to help revision with something other than past papers. Think I've found it! Thanks so much!

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    9 May, 2013


  • love these resources! I took Craig's advice and have these laminated in my room and are great as a revision aid or even perfect for yr 9/10 emergency worksheet for those finished with their work. I'm also supplementing them with my own questions and getting the pupils to handwrite some questions they've come across and found useful

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    14 September, 2013


  • Does anyone have all the answes

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    29 September, 2013


  • does Anyone have the answers ?

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    29 September, 2013


  • Fantastic resource, Iaminating the sheets makes them last. Really useful for revision, gone down very well with my year 11. Thank you very much.

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    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
    22 January, 2014


  • Excellent idea, thanks for the inspiration just what I need to start a new set for my groups.

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    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    10 February, 2014


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