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Find out more about the reality of teaching abroad: the getting there, acclimatisation and eventual return home, as well as the adventure of living and teaching overseas

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    10 things to check in your overseas contract

    A dream job in a dream overseas location can rapidly turn into a nightmare if you don’t thoroughly check the small print of your contract before signing.

    published on 1 Mar 2013

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    Borneo: A teaching experience

    Six months ago, Charlotte Baird and her husband left south London to take up teaching posts in the tiny Islamic sultanate of Brunei on the island of Borneo. Here she tells us about her experiences

    published on 1 Jan 2010

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    China: Choose the right school

    Bobby Gentry, 33, tells us about life as a teacher in China.

    published on 7 Aug 2009

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    Essential advice for teaching abroad

    An at-a-glance checklist for those considering teaching abroad.

    published on 13 Aug 2009

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    India: The joy of teaching in Pune

    Mike Brown, head of upper school and teacher of geography describes life in India.

    published on 25 Jul 2008

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    Mexico: teaching in the city

    A shower of kisses and lunch at 9.15am are some of the surprises of teaching in Mexico City

    published on 9 Jun 2010

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    Russia: Mission to teach in Moscow

    Dubbed the most expensive city in the world, it’s also one of the most exciting, says Damien Butters

    published on 11 Aug 2010

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    Spain: I went to try teaching and stayed 22 years

    Howard Thomas is headteacher of The British School of Cordoba, Spain.

    published on 10 Aug 2009

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    The essential guide to teaching abroad

    If the idea of teaching overseas appeals, make sure you do your homework before you hand in your notice and start packing your summer shorts.

    published on 1 Mar 2013

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    UK: Teaching in the United Kingdom

    Are you thinking of teaching in the UK? Find out how the education system is organised, different types of schools, and curriculum information.

    published on 17 Dec 2009

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    Too hot to handle?

    Teaching in the Middle East is an enticing prospect for rain-weary Brits, but they ignore the cultural differences at their peril. Hannah Frankel reports

    published on 2 Apr 2010

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    Teaching in Qatar

    ‘People are your best resource,’ says Clare Beatson as she describes her experience of teaching in Qatar

    published on 15 Dec 2010

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