100 Mental Maths starters

Designed to jump start Maths lessons. Each slide has three questions when run as a slide show (so there's actually 300 questions). Each question is progressively harder as it goes along (in built differentiation!). Intended as 1 a day starter before leaping into the full lesson but could be used as a 'filler' for rainy days. Based on several other excellent resources I found, combined and added to!

Last updated 30 November 2014, created 07 August 2011
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    This is an amazing piece must of took forever thanks alot for sharing this!!! :)

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    Thank you for your hard work in putting this together.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, I feel as if there is a mistake in slide 9:

    Mr Page had a box of 40 pencils. He gave one to each child in his class. There were 12 left in the box. How many children are in his class? (answer: 28 children)

    He gave half of the remaining pencils to another class. How many are left now? (answer: 6 pencils remain)

    He gave 9 more away as prizes. How many were left in the box? (answer: -3 ...?)

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    Fantastic resource, thanks a lot!!

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    This is sure going to be a good starter for my class. Excellent! Thank you very much.

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