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Teacher say in McCrone posts

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FALKIRK has set the pace in opening up debate about the post-McCrone structures - which will bite in schools next August - by launching a formal consultation with teachers.

An 18-page publication and a series of roadshows will begin the campaign to shape the hugely revised structures. In a no More…vel departure, the authority is linking the growth of new community schools to the McCrone developments.

Falkirk does not spell out precisely how schools will be structured but floats suggestions. It highlights the implications of fewer management posts in secondary, fewer principal subject teachers and the extension of teacher remits.

Graeme Young, education director, said: "We want to make sure that the key principles behind McCrone are not lost sight of and try to make it locally applicable. It's a package we have all signed up to and there are aspects people will like and don't like."

Malcolm Maciver, chair of the joint trade union committee and the Educational Institute of Scotland's chief national negotiator on McCrone, welcomed the authority's "upfront" stance. "The council has put in place a process that is carrying people with it. There seems to be silence elsewhere. If they are thinking about McCrone issues, they are not sharing their ideas," Mr Maciver said.

Teachers would have to be involved in the transitional stages because of the staffing difficulties. "We are not starting with a blank sheet of paper," he said.

In secondary, Falkirk suggests the new principal teachers will either have a curricular or pastoral role and no more than half a teaching commitment.

One option in primary is to make all heads non-teaching while depute heads and principal teachers could be appointed to a cluster of primaries and shared.

East Lothian has become the first authority to release primary heads from their teaching commitment after using probationers to boost overall staffing.

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