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White coat brigade

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Moray College is badly in need of paramedics. Don't take our word for it. It was the briefly held view of Jimmy Logan (we kid you not), the new principal.

But Logan quickly corrected himself as he was giving evidence to fractious MSPs on the Parliament's audit committee last week. "Para-acade More…mics," he enunciated slowly to make sure the committee got the right message - although perhaps the evidence might lead them to believe that paramedics would do more good.

Logan has the thankless task of trying to turn the college round. But, as his name suggests, he has a sense of humour that should help. His style is rather different from that of his predecessor, the hapless Robert Chalmers, whose nickname implied a sense of humour - alas, his moniker was the more manic one of "Rab C".

Predecessors, as it happens, were much in evidence. Indeed we wondered at one stage what Logan and his two fellow witnesses, John Sizer of the FE funding council and Eddie Frizzell of the Scottish Executive, were doing there. Questions were frequently met with "before my time, squire".

Frizzell, head of the enterprise and lifelong learning department, refined this stock response beautifully when he and the others were asked why it took so long to investigate allegations of financial mismanagement at Moray College.

"Can't say," replied the suave Frizzell. "I was running the Prison Service at the time."

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