Adding ed suffix to words ending in e

This worksheet explains the rule for adding ed to words ending in e and gives opportunities to practice this rule. To add the suffix ed to a word ending in e, remove the e then add ed. Children should use this worksheet as a revision activity after the intial teaching of this rule.

Last updated 05 February 2013, created 21 November 2011
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    Useful - thanks

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    Although nicely set out there are at least 3 words that do not follow the rule the sheet is explaining. 'hide' does not change to 'hided' but 'hid', 'ride' becomes 'rode' not 'rided'. Maybe use for a higher abiliy group and adapt the instructions so that they are aware there are some 'trick' words or simply tell them some are irregular - i.e. you can't just add 'ed'.

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