Adverbial phrases

An activity to encourage children to use adverbial phrases in their writing. The sheet contains a reminder about adverbial phrases, followed by simple sentences for the children to improve for each type of adverbial phrase (when, where, why and how).

Last updated 27 November 2014, created 22 October 2011
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    Thank you, a good basis, just altered some of the examples to take out the verbs from the phrases.

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    This was useful thanks, I have to dispute the last comment. I am sure you re incredibly knowledgeable and of course I may be wrong but to my understanding when it comes to grammar things can come under two categories. For example, Although Tom was late, his teacher wasn't angry. Although is both a conjunction and an opener. In the same way these are both subordinate clauses and adverbial phrases.

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    This is totally incorrect. The bits in bold are inconsistent and they are clauses, not phrases. Oh dear! Englishgrad

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    Life-saver for a sudden lesson change!

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