SPAG Tests for Year 6

Some SPAG Tests I made based on the sample tests

Last updated 24 March 2014, created 19 April 2013
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    Thanks for sharing but errors need changing!

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    Very useful thank you. I would ignore the comments about small errors - we all make them occasionally! You have saved all these people loads of work!

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    Used 'test 3' with my class. It is a useful resource-thanks for sharing. A few tweaks are needed. Hope you don't mind me pointing them out. The boxes for Q6 & 12 are out of line. Q19: carpet can be both a noun and verb (good talking point!) Q20: your example is in present tense rather than future tense. Q21 ; instead of ' Q22 'I will' needs to be underlined. Again, thanks for sharing.

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    When I looked at this sample test I found that there were many grammatical errors and therefore wouldn't recommend it. Sorry.

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    Many thanks for sharing - I'll double-check for the errors mentioned below and get back with anything I find!

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