Teachers TV: From Good to Outstanding

Reception teacher, Rachel Atkins, receives advice from top inspector Clare Gillies and the Teachers TV online community as she tries to boost her lessons, in From Good to Outstanding.

Tyssen Community School rates Rachel as 'good' but Clare’s assessment of one of her classes highlights some areas for improvement.

Rachel gets one-to-one CPD from early years consultant, Hilary Bell, to work on pedagogy and tips from presentation and communications expert, Mo Shapiro.

Three weeks later, Clare returns to observe a second session. Will Rachel be ‘outstanding’?

Last updated 20 August 2013, created 27 May 2010
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    Thank you for being prepared to do this. You are still in the very early stage of your teaching career, and the fact that you are young, active and willing to take ideas on board - you will go far. I have been teaching 8 years and have gone through 3 OFSTED inspections. The goad posts move each time, and have never been classed as 'outstanding'. As teachers we all aim to do our very best - EVERY day. That's the hardest part of being a teacher. Well done. I have found this very useful.

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    Well done Rachel, I so admire you for opening yourself up like this. It has been so helpful to watch and I would be over the moon if you were my daughter's teacher. You have a lovely calm manner with the children and some fantastically creative ideas. Keep up the good work! :-)

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    Well done Rachel and what a brave person to do this!! It was really interesting to see all that you are doing and your class are really lucky to have you as their teacher. I have been teaching many years and am currently in reception (p/t 2 days per week) My target is linked to extending learning and I find it really tricky. At UP3 I am expected to do this all the time but boy is it difficult! I have gained some lovely ideas and our theme next week is bugs (I have a peer observation then!) I would love to see some of the inspectors come in a teach a model outstanding lesson! Well done again and keep up the brilliant work

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    Wow rachael after being through a recent OFSTED (under the new framework) and awaiting another in a new school I think your standard was excellent really passionate, engaging, good and interesting resources the children can access on their own, superb!!!!! Be proud of what you are achieving!!!!

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    Thank you for sharing this and all I can say is lucky children for having you as their teacher! I liked the catch phrase challenge and choice and shall keep this in my head when planning for my class.

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