Upthrust powerpoint

10 slides to explain the concept of upthrust to my class of Upper Juniors. Designed to be used AFTER they have weighed objects in air and in water and noticed the difference in weight.

Last updated 28 November 2014, created 26 September 2009
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    Very clear, thanks.

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    Hi, weight is generated from gravity acting on mass. Gravity is a constant on any given planet (actually its not but for simplification we teach it as if it is). Its a common misconception that gravity itself is a force but infact its the weight thats the force cuased by gravity acting on a mass.

    just be careful when going overthese terms with students. IOP is a great resource for explanaition on this topic

    Not trying to be a pain its just these are mistakes I have to sort out with my students every year.


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    Very useful, thanks!

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    Thank you! A helpfful resource.

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    Thanks for sharing

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