Waterfalls and Gorges -River Tees.

KS2 level work based on the local river. Activities include labelling the key elements of a waterfall, ordering and explaining how a waterfall is created, and how a gorge forms. Example used: High Force located on the River Tees. USES SASSOON PRIMARY INFANT FONT- AS STANDARD IN OUR SCHOOL.

Last updated 12 January 2015, created 28 September 2011
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    Took a little bit of editing as don't have the same font but a good resource.

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    Some outstanding, practical and simple activities that well-complimented my lesson on Waterfalls. Note: not necessarily anything to do with the River Tees! Great.

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    A good set of resources - but I don't have the font you used, so I had to work to get an idea of how you intended them to be. If you altered this to a standard, non-commercial font, it'd be more useful.

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