Year 5/6 Sentence structure/punctuation

Sentence structure sheet can be used to go over with high year 5 and year 6 children. Also can be put up on 'working wall' to aid writing.

Last updated 25 April 2014, created 16 October 2012
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    thank you for sharing, much appreciated.

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    Thanks for such a great resource

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    I meant noun, this took a long time for me to research and make as I was not 100% certain on grammatical structure. I am unsure as to how to edit it but if you just change the word "subject" to "noun" that should solve the problem and I tried to add the green highlighting to the "I" as well. Thank you for your comment and I apologise for the error. (had to provide a rating for this to be seen btw - not just saying I'm great :P)

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    I agree with my predecessor. Would be nice if you could correct it.

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    Slight issue with this - you say that in the sentence 'I love chocolate' that chocolate is the subject. This is incorrect - it is the object of the verb, whereas 'I' is the subject.

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