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  • Read, Write, inc green and red words by danielle harbord

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    Cards and flashcards

    Read, Write, inc green and red words. Supports Ruth Miskin's Read, Write, Inc programme. Powerpoints with all green and red words. Please rate my resources and if you find them useful please leave a review. 1 Green words Speed Sounds set 1…

  • oi, air, ear and ure lesson presentations. by sophiabullock


    oi, air, ear and ure lesson presentations.. Phase 3 phonics sessions for oi, air, ure and ear. LO: Practise recognition and recall of Phase Two and Three graphemes What is this sound? Praise!!!!! LO: Practise reading and spelling words wit…

  • Initial sound satpin i spy spell game by staceyaki


    Initial sound satpin i spy spell game. Choose the correct objects starting with satpin to help Mega and Mog make the spell. 1 Use your Jolly Phonics to sound out the ingredients to make me better. 2 …something beginning with s 3 S for snai…

  • Split digraphs: phonic powerpoints by Ludlowlearner


    Split digraphs: phonic powerpoints. We have been introducing split digraphs in Reception, with some amazing results. A snake is in the maze. She ate a grape. 5 Numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 are even numbers. 9 I can dive into the pool. 10 Can …

  • Mrs Pryce's phonics-ew, ue and oo long. by AnnePryce

    Revision aid, Tutorial

    Mrs Pryce's phonics-ew, ue and oo long.. This is a power point presentation of funny phonics which works with letters and sounds, but can also be adapted to work alongside Letter land and Jolly phonics. 1 Mrs Pryce’s Funny Phonics Copyrigh…

  • Phase 3 captions by cerri09

    Cards and flashcards

    Phase 3 captions. This powerpoint contains the captions recommended by the DFES Letters and Sounds document to aid reading. Ships in port. Boats on the river. Fish and chips on a dish.                                            Digging in …

  • Superhero reading book by choralsongster


    Superhero reading book. An emergent reading book designed for children learning consonant and vowel digraphs and trigraphs. Allows children to practise high frequency and tricky words. Includes information on most common superheroes: Spide…