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  • Katie Morag- simple map of British Isles by lauralu18

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    Katie Morag- simple map of British Isles. A simple map of the British Isles for children to colour and fill in the missing words when comparing local area to a different place. I live in , which is in Manchester, England. Katie Morag lives…

  • The United Kingdom by frizz


    The United Kingdom. A powerpoint to explain the individual countries within the United Kingdom and their respective flags. This is a map of the British Isles We live in England – the green part. Only a small part of Ireland is part of the …

  • Year 1 topic planning 'Wonderland' by comenius

    Termly planning

    Year 1 topic planning 'Wonderland'. 6 weeks of cross curricular planning based on Alice in Wonderland. Literacy Alice in Wonderland Character studies of all key characters in Alice in Wonderland Settings – Queen of Heart’s garden Read and …

  • Modern London by s0402433

    Posters and displays

    Modern London. Compare then and now landmarks buildings The Houses of Parliament The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament, is the seat of the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom—the House of Lords an…

  • Locating the UK & What the various flags represent by rzrzneck34a

    Worksheet, Tutorial

    Locating the UK & What the various flags represent. Locate the United Kingdom on the map and outline it in red. The United Kingdom (UK) consists of the countries of England, Scotland and Wales and the province of Northern Ireland. 1. Engla…

  • Labelling the United Kingdom by hannah_ball297


    Labelling the United Kingdom. I made this after struggling to find a similar activity! Worked like a treat and built up some great atlas skills!! 1 I can label the map. England Scotland Wales Edinburgh London The capital of Wales is… Cardi…

  • London powerpoint by ckemp88


    London powerpoint. Simple powerpoint showing some key landmarks in London and some key facts in simple bullet points for children. There are 3 main towers. There are 1000 rooms in the Houses of Parliament. A flag always flies above Bucking…

  • St George's Day Activities by Simon Haughton


    St George's Day Activities. An animated retelling of the famous legend accompanied by three English-themed online activities (a jigsaw puzzle, a map labelling game and a quiz). PLEASE ADD YOUR COMMENTS

  • monster london story writing by annalouiseb

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    monster london story writing. Big Writing lesson plan & resources for writing a story about visiting London. During Literacy we have been focussing on settings & adjectives. Elicit that it is full of exciting events. Give out planning shee…

  • Children on holiday by supergran11


    Children on holiday. Photos of children on holidays, with speech bubbles ready to be filled in.

  • Barnaby Bear goes to London by raff31


    Barnaby Bear goes to London. A day out in London with Barnaby Bear 1 Hello everyone.                                                                                                        2 I left the train station in Chester… Three hours …

  • Olympics: 5 lesson activity pack by Mayer - Johnson

    Lesson plan

    Olympics: 5 lesson activity pack. Engage and enthuse all your learners in fun activities themed around the Olympics. Our products range from authoring software (Such as Boardmaker Studio and Boardmaker Plas), stand alone Boardmake Activiti…

  • England by lbrowne


    England. Colour and label the pictures related to England. England Colour and label the pictures