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  • Sorting weather/ clothes by ibuzzybea

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    Sorting weather/ clothes. Sheets for cutting and sticking or laminating and matching the clothes people would wear in that weather. coat hat ear muffs scarf gloves boots Clothes worn in winter Clothes worn in winter Flip flops t-shi…

  • Rainforest Activity pack by AWF Resources

    Pupil assessment, Other, Worksheet

    Rainforest Activity pack. This pack includes a fact sheet about rainforests around the world and statistics which illustrate the affects of deforestation. Largest rainforests worldwide listed in descending order (from largest to smallest).…

  • Rainforest Matching activity by bingowings


    Rainforest Matching activity. Matching activity for the layers of the rainforest. Teeming with animal life, especially insects. The largest animals in the rainforest generally live here. The upper parts of the trees. This leafy environment…

  • The Mountain Environment by TES Resource Team

    The Mountain Environment. Facts about mountains, photos of mountains throughout the World and links to useful information.

  • Seasons by Wayland

    Other, Worksheet

    Seasons. Worksheets based on Wayland's Popcorn series Seasons - 4 books that help children to make observations about seasonal changes in weather and recognise changes in the environment. They are also useful in science in their Study of l…

  • Weather symbols by rebuckley


    Weather symbols. 10 weather symbols to match with weather conditions sunny sun and rain cloudy thunder + lightening rain showers windy snow rainy sun and cloud snow showers Match the symbol to the weather

  • What's the Weather? by TESiboard

    Activity, Cards and flashcards

    What's the Weather?. A TES iboard ( ) tool to represent today's weather. Click on the various icons on the left to alter the weather conditions in the scene. The slider changes the sky's brightness. Ask pupils to cho…

  • Weather symbols and forecasts by nicolek


    Weather symbols and forecasts. This is a smart notebook file for looking at the BBC weather symbols, collecting data over a month about what the weather has been like, using the data to make a pictogram. It also has a section on making …

  • Year 1 Geography Planning Weather by nicnaks06

    Termly planning

    Year 1 Geography Planning Weather. This is a medium term plan I have created for my Year 1 class on the topic of weather. What will you be able to do at the end of the lesson. Is there certain weather at certain times of the year? http://w…

  • Reflective Symmetry - treasure hunt, weather by googlie-eye

    Worksheet, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Reflective Symmetry - treasure hunt, weather. A variety of activities including a 'real-life' symmetry powerpoint to engage children (warning - funny monkey images may cause uproars of laughter!!) - all images taken from 'google search' - …

  • Widgit - Mountains Vocabulary List by Widgit Software


    Widgit - Mountains Vocabulary List. A grid containing 62 words relating to the Mountains topic. or cut up and used as flashcards in class discussions, or with an individual to discuss each concept. 33 vocabulary list alpine altitude atlas …

  • WWF Learn: Travel and traffic by WWF

    Posters and displays

    WWF Learn: Travel and traffic. This resource provides an insight into the issues of transport and how it relates to school life. The resource includes a full colour poster with inspirational quotation with questions to explore the …

  • Season Scenes by TESiboard


    Season Scenes. A TESiboard ( ) activity to create a scene for each season. Encourage pupils to give other ideas of what they would do and wear in different seasons and why. The scenes can be printed out individually …

  • My little book of Winter by lbrowne


    My little book of Winter. A simple template for making a zig zag book about Winter. Pupils can colour and cut the winter pictures and then paste them onto a strip of paper to make the book. Quill96 Story Group Class

  • Weather Chart by fizzy1


    Weather Chart. What is the weather like today? statements and icons