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  • Easter Egg Collecting Board Game by bevevans22

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    Easter Egg Collecting Board Game. A sinple game, visual game with full instructions included. Lots of basic maths could be got out of this game: counting, adding etc, as well as social stuff like turn taking. If you come to one of these…

  • Easter Maths Activities by Johdu


    Easter Maths Activities. A small number of 'Egg-themed' maths puzzles and activities - tangram, sudoku, simple fractions...

  • Easter eggs! by Mathsright


    Easter eggs!. Complete the symmetrical patterns on Easter Eggs to create fantastic designs. Covers Reflective symmetry, accuracy in copying, colouring. Now colour your Easter egg! Worksheet Y2 Number N 31 Number lines (ii) ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! …

  • Easter math doubling problems by kayld


    Easter math doubling problems. another easter math Interactive powerpoint (this time on doubling numbers) - this is an ideal activity for a mental oral starter or a plenary in the run up to easter Easter Math doubling problems The Easter b…

  • Easter Chick Counting Cards 0-10 by bevevans22

    Cards and flashcards

    Easter Chick Counting Cards 0-10. A5 Cards for classroom use. 0-10 in Sassoon infant Font. Very Colourful Items.

  • Egg Decorating Symmetry by TESiboard

    Worksheet, Activity

    Egg Decorating Symmetry. A TES iboard ( ) activity. Also included are two sheets for pupils to add their own patterns to decorate an egg - using either a vertical or horizontal line of symmetry. Can you make the egg …

  • Easter co-ordinates by Luweina


    Easter co-ordinates. Easter based maths activity for KS1 at the end of term We are learning to use co-ordinates. ( , ) Where is the Easter bunny? ( , ) Where is the chick? ( , ) Where is the egg basket?

  • Maths Easter challenge quiz by erylands

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Maths Easter challenge quiz. 4 missions for maths. E. Bunny 4 Have you got the courage and the BRAINS to save the BUNNY and Easter?????? 5 There are 4 missions..... Complete each one to collect your number code. 7 MISSION 1 8   Looking aro…

  • Easter addition, subtraction and sharing by hwebb21


    Easter addition, subtraction and sharing. A host of worksheets to support children in addtion and subtraction including money. Name................................................................. If each child wants 3 eggs how many eggs w…

  • Where is the Easter bunny? by ruthbentham

    Worksheet, Activity

    Where is the Easter bunny?. A powerpoint focusing on teaching children positional words. Worksheet for a follow up activity to the powerpoint. 2 Today we are learning to Use positional words. 6 Inside 7 Outside 8 In front of the hill 9 Beh…

  • Easter Egg decorating by lbrowne


    Easter Egg decorating. Decorate the egg using the shapes underneath. Count out the correct number of each shape. Easter Egg Decorating 4 8 6 2 7 3 5

  • Songs for Spring by Lizgreatrix


    Songs for Spring. 2 songs for Early Years to sing along to the tunes of 10 green bottles and 5 currant buns 5 Hot Cross Buns Five hot cross buns in a baker’s shop, Round and fat with a cross on the top. Along came (child’s name) wit…

  • Money - Easter egg find the total worksheets by ruthbentham


    Money - Easter egg find the total worksheets. 5p 7p 1p 3p 8p 2p 9p 4p 6p 10p 1p 3p 2p 5p 2p 4p 3p Self-assess your work today. Colour in one of the faces. Teacher assessment of your work Name_______________________________Date_____________…

  • TES iboard Egg Symmetry by TESiboard

    Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    TES iboard Egg Symmetry. Easter is a great time to practise symmetry. The Egg Decorating Symmetry activity is a FREE sample. Happy Easter! Egg Symmetry Dice Game – Vertical Line of Symmetry Throw a dice. Keep the pattern symmetrical! If yo…

  • Teaching fractions through game based learning by eChalk Ltd

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Teaching fractions through game based learning. Learn to ace fractions with this suite of hilarious chicken-themed educational games. It was reviewed by appolearning as the best app for teaching fractions! The suite comprises of five games…

  • Help the Easter bunny- Multiplication focus by ruthbentham


    Help the Easter bunny- Multiplication focus. Children have to work out the answers to the multiplication calculations, 2s, 5s and 10s, colour in the squares with the answer to show the path to for the Easter bunny. 2x 10= _____ 7. Which ho…

  • Easter Data handling by erylands


    Easter Data handling. data handling questions suitable for upper ks1 or lower ks2 can be adapted to suit needs of class. The corner shop has been very busy this week selling lots of Easter eggs. This is the table they produced. Name of Eas…

  • Money - Easter egg cards by ruthbentham


    Money - Easter egg cards. I have used these cards with year 1. I have a selection of cards on the table and the children can either pick two and find the total or pick one and work out the change. 5p 2p 7p 1p 3p 9p 6p 8p 4p 10p 15p 12p 17p…

  • Finding the Difference - Year 1 by CharlottePsychology


    Finding the Difference - Year 1. A set of differentiated worksheets to help my Year 1s understand how to find a difference by counting on and then understanding how to relate difference to addition and inverse operations. But when put in t…