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  • Story Sentence Starters & Openers: writing ideas by bevevans22

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    Story Sentence Starters & Openers: writing ideas. Walking along, Sally saw her friend. She gasped. Short, punchy sentences She was as quick as lightning. Sentences that tell you ‘when…

  • Narrative Poetry - The Highwayman by shelly2471

    Lesson plan, Other, Worksheet, Activity

    Narrative Poetry - The Highwayman. 2 weeks planning based on the story book narrative poem The Highwayman. Take feedback discussing how character looks/is dressed etc. Take whole class feedback of children’s onlooker descriptions. ***I …

  • Guides to text types by reb1mc


    Guides to text types. A checklist of things to include in many of the main text types. Information about the film/book. Tell the reader what the story is about. What was not very good about this book/film? The arguments AGAINST supported b…

  • Red Riding Hood retelling by annalouiseb

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Red Riding Hood retelling. Big Writing lesson plan & resources for retelling Little Red Riding hood. During Literacy we have been focussing on settings & adjectives. Give chn dictionaries & thesauruses. 2 mins to generate as many words for…

  • Yr 4 Narrative Unit 2A : Imaginary worlds by HamiltonTrust

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Yr 4 Narrative Unit 2A : Imaginary worlds. Literacy Year 4 New Framework Plan: Aut – Weeks 1-3 Narrative: Unit 2A Stories set in imaginary worlds © Original resource copyright Hamilton Trust, 2007 who give permission for it to be adapted a…

  • Robin Hood Planning Year 5 by chelsey

    Lesson plan

    Robin Hood Planning Year 5. Week 1 of 4 legends block, Robin Hood AYLWARD FIRST AND MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH PLANNING Week commencing 3rd Jan 2008 YEAR GROUP: 5S/5B SEN/EAL Support: MS/SZ Focus: Legends (week 1 of 4) Texts: Robin Hood Outcome…