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  • 26 slides of food- vocab. revision by anna3636

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    26 slides of food- vocab. revision. Powerpoint of 26 pictures of food/beverages. Use to revise food/beverage vocabulary.

  • 10 animaux by lauracorra

    Activity, Cards and flashcards

    10 animaux. Powerpoint made from various TES resources (thank you!) to introduce 10 French animals with some sounds and a few animations - revises numbers in starter activity - read different numbers of pets for the listening exercise, pai…

  • Halloween activities by sandy59

    Worksheet, Game, puzzle, quiz, Cards and flashcards

    Halloween activities. I had previously submitted the song and the worksheet but this has the error removed. Il y a six citrouilles. 12 Il y a combien de sorcières? Il y a cinq chats. 15 Il y a combien d’ araignées? Il y a neuf fantômes. 18…

  • Bonjour! Salut! by Oksana Lindsay

    Revision aid

    Bonjour! Salut!. Very first lesson for KS2 pupils. Then, they will learn how to introduce themselves. Comment t’appelles tu? Je m’appelle Maorie! Je m’appelle … . Comment tu t’appelles? And yours? My? Je suis … I am … Au revoir!

  • La petite chenille qui fait des trous by barcelona31

    Worksheet, Tutorial

    La petite chenille qui fait des trous. Adapted/shortened version of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in French. Lundi, elle a mangé une pomme, mais elle avait encore faim ! Mardi, elle a mangé deux poires, mais elle avait encore faim ! Mercre…

  • Au Café lesson and activities by lauracorra

    Worksheet, Activity, Revision aid, Tutorial

    Au Café lesson and activities. Colourful breakfast foods powerpoint with additional support materials - worksheet containing vocabulary to match to pictures, a teacher-read listening, paired speaking and short writing tasks. Au café! Today…

  • French Numbers 1-100 posters/flashcards by Jasmine K

    Cards and flashcards

    French Numbers 1-100 posters/flashcards. -Posters -Numbers 1-100 with English and French headings for classroom displays. -Editable -Colour coded -Please leave feedback! :) one 1 un two 2 deux three 3 trois four 4 quatre five 5 cinq six 6 …

  • Tools for educators - board games maker by lisilu

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Tools for educators - board games maker. A brilliant site that allows you to create board games using images classified into a variety of categories. Can be used for MFL as non language specific, and at a variety of levels - word. sentence…

  • French Beginner lessons on various topics by philsha

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    French Beginner lessons on various topics. Introducing france, greetings, feelings, numbers, colours, animals and other stuff! Steps check 1) Use mapping software 2) Identify main cities in France 3) Transfer information onto an empty map …

  • Mimi la fourmi de l'espace by runaway

    Lesson plan, Activity, Cards and flashcards

    Mimi la fourmi de l'espace. A unit of work based on the Heinemann Galaxie reader 'Mimi la fourmi de l'espace'. The short stroy links nicely to KS2 QCA unit 18 les planetes - but works equally as a stand alone story. Build in some questions…

  • Bonfire Night in French by HJames4

    Activity, Cards and flashcards

    Bonfire Night in French. I've adapted a powerpoint from elsewhere, with characters from ORT, adding very simple French titles to each slide to illustrate bonfire night customs. Squeak! 4 Le feu Attention! C’est dangereux. Je peux t’aider? …

  • Quand je serai Grand...When I Grow Up by Jana Synek Herd

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    Quand je serai Grand...When I Grow Up. LESSON PLAN TWO Quand Je serai Grand… When I Grow Up… Note: Lesson Plan Two relates directly to the above title, and provides sufficient content to cover at least 5 or 6 sessions/lessons based on this…

  • La famille (Simpsons) by Laury


    La famille (Simpsons). Home-made Powerpoint presentation 1 La famille 2 Bonjour ! Je m’appelle Lisa 3 J ‘ai un frère. Elle s’appelle Marge. 7 Salut ! Je m’ appelle Bart. Il s’appelle … J’ ai un oncle. Elle s’appelle … J’ai une tante…