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  • Introduction to Ancient Civilisations by Darren Ayling

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    Introduction to Ancient Civilisations. This a PowerPoint based lesson with integrated activity based on ancient civilisations. They are: Ancient Chinese Mask (top left), Sutton Hoo (top right), Death Mask of Tutankhamun (left bottom), Azte…

  • KS2 History 'cheat sheets' by michaelt1979

    Termly planning, Guide

    KS2 History 'cheat sheets'. These documents offer an introduction for teachers tackling new units of study at KS2 to match Curriculum 2014.  Who were the kings and queens in prehistory? The warmer climate also brought more plant life to f…

  • Timeline of Ancient China by kt1805

    Guide, Worksheet, Activity

    Timeline of Ancient China. Create a human timeline using the Input activity. Han Dynasty 206 B.C · Trading with Europe begins · The government organized the salt and iron mines · Factories began mass-producing objects-from iron and steel f…

  • Terracotta Warriors by kt1805

    Worksheet, Activity

    Terracotta Warriors. To look into the terracotta warriors and answer the questions, children and either copy or cut and stick out the answers. Clay is pounded and flattened, then rolled into strips which are coiled into a structure bit by …

  • Ancient China - Lifestyle (Rich vs Poor) by kt1805

    Other, Activity

    Ancient China - Lifestyle (Rich vs Poor). Looking at the lifestyle of the Rich vs the Poor, including their clothes, food, home and games. 1 Lifestyle in Ancient China 2 scholars peasants artists merchants The country depended on them to p…

  • Creative writing resources for Chinese New Year by WordSpace


    Creative writing resources for Chinese New Year. Creative writing resources. Create your own fortune cookies Fortune cookies are really easy to make and they are a fun way of encouraging even the most reluctant of children to write! Childr…

  • Ancient Religions - Part 1 by amysp

    Worksheet, Activity

    Ancient Religions - Part 1. Double sided information sheets on ancient religions in Greece, Rome, China and Egypt. There was even a god who lived inside the latch that opened the door to each home. Others had a small display somewhere in t…

  • Research sheet for research on China Inventions by rt2012


    Research sheet for research on China Inventions. Used with year5/6 class in regards to ancient China topic of Inventions. How was it made? Why was it made? Yes No Has how it is used or made changed since the Chinese invented it?

  • Ancient China - Dynasties (mini PowerPoint) by SamanthaCairney


    Ancient China - Dynasties (mini PowerPoint). This is a mini PowerPoint that I made for my class to introduce dynasties and set them their task. Use your co-operative skills to successfully complete the task on time. You must research your …

  • Autumn Teaching Planner by lcp_teaching_resources

    Termly planning

    Autumn Teaching Planner. Primary School Autumn Term Planner, from Karascope, provides month by month list of topics. Within each topic there are suggested resources that cover subjects right across the curriculum. Autumn …

  • Why we have money: KS2 lesson by microlambert

    Lesson plan

    Why we have money: KS2 lesson. Help pupils understand the reasons for the development of money using a role-play activity based on bartering. Explain that for a long time humans were hunter-gatherers and they moved around to find the food …

  • Dynastic cycle by historygeek1


    Dynastic cycle. I took information that other users had uploaded about dynastic cycles and popped it into a powerpoint to use with a class 1 The Dynastic Cycle 2 Step One… A new dynasty comes to power! The emperor can rule and the people a…

  • Ancient History Encyclopedia by jvdc


    Ancient History Encyclopedia. This website offers educational ancient history information on a wide variety of topics on ancient history. Every article on the site is reviewed for accuracy, ease of reading, and quality. The website emphasi…

  • 8 Reasons for a successful civilisation by jlpotts


    8 Reasons for a successful civilisation. A PPP I made for my Year 5 class stating the reasons for a successful civilisation 8 Features of a Civilization By Mr Potts Rivers We know that people started to live around rivers due to easy acces…

  • Confucian Virtues by S Donnelly

    Worksheet, Assembly

    Confucian Virtues. A simple powerpoint and worksheet for chd to create their own moral code after looking at the Confucian values. Confucius was a government official - he lived from 551 to 479 B.C. He saw growing disorder and chaos in the…

  • How early maps were made by myplace


    How early maps were made. This resource has been created as part of the My Place HLF education project, delivered in Bradford & Keighley schools, West Yorkshire by West Yorkshire Joint Services. This is a French cave painting from 16,500 B…

  • Chinese Calligraphy ACTIVITY by amysp


    Chinese Calligraphy ACTIVITY. An activity that can be worked into an Ancient China unit. CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY THE CHINESE ZODIAC- CALLIGRAPHY CHALLENGE! Using the resources provided, create a Zodiac-Calligraphy masterpiece of your own! MINI…

  • Chinese Zodiac WORKSHEET by amysp


    Chinese Zodiac WORKSHEET. A fun activity/worksheet to add into an Ancient China or Astrology unit. Does the description sound like you?? MINI-ZODIAC QUIZ! The word ‘lunar’ tells us it is based on the cycles of the ______________. 2. The Ch…

  • Chinese Timeline by SamanthaCairney


    Chinese Timeline. Simple information sheets based on events that my class will be exploring in the next couple of weeks. One of the most important contributions made during the period that the Shang Dynasty ruled China was the invention of…