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  • Tracking Down the Vikings in Britain by franklinwatts

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    Other, Activity

    Tracking Down the Vikings in Britain. Information and activity material about Vikings in Britain extracted from a new title published by Franklin Watts. They attacked Christian monasteries, which were undefended and had valuable treasures …

  • Photos of artefacts from Sutton Hoo by RJR_38


    Photos of artefacts from Sutton Hoo. These are photographs of artefacts discovered at Sutton Hoo. All the images are just ones I founds on the internet but they took me quite a while to find and collect together so I thought I would post t…

  • Anglo Saxon Life: Anglo Saxon Remains by EnglishHeritage

    Guide, Worksheet, Activity, Posters and displays

    Anglo Saxon Life: Anglo Saxon Remains. Explain to pupils about evidence and the role of an archaeologist. Do you agree with these choices? Need some inspiration? The main kingdoms were Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria and East Anglia Much of…

  • The Bayeux Tapestry by MrsBourdon

    Guide, Activity

    The Bayeux Tapestry. A simple resource explaining what The Bayeux Tapestry is. It shows the death of the Anglo-Saxon King Harold by a Norman knight from the army of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 This is a scene fr…

  • Mystery suitcase by NuffieldHistory

    Other, Activity

    Mystery suitcase. Here's a fun lesson which you could use to introduce any topic, or a new class. 11. THE SUITCASE • RESOURCES © IN THIS FORMAT NUFFIELD PRIMARY HISTORY 2003 History Mysteries: The Suitcase Write a report about the suitcase…

  • What do archaeologists do? by BBC Class Clips - History


    What do archaeologists do?. Archaeologists study the past. They look at the remains people leave behind in the ground to discover how they lived. An archaeologist working at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland talks about his work, explainin…