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  • Tudor Exploration Powerpoint by giggleswick

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    Tudor Exploration Powerpoint. A powerpoint that compares exploration in more modern times and in the Tudor period. Walter Raleigh - born in 1552, he led many expeditions to America There were many more – do your own research to find out wh…

  • Life on board Tudor ships by DavidHowes1977


    Life on board Tudor ships. A one stop shop of life on board ships including punishments, diseases, food and living conditions including a few links to interesting websites. Notebook ends with a choice of two tasks for the children to compl…

  • Tudor exploration by HyperBunny

    Revision aid

    Tudor exploration. A ppt about Tudor exploration: Galleons, sailors, superstitions, navigation, food & diseases. Dividing up the world European sailors did not go exploring just for fun. England’s main export was cloth made from wool. This…

  • Tudor Exploration by katiekatie

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Tudor Exploration. A game that includes reasons for exploration and some things that might happen on a voyage A storm blows you off course and you are lost. Move on 2 spaces Your ship is attacked by Spanish pirates. Miss a turn Rats eat a …

  • Tudor Knights and Coats of Arms by mike ennington

    Guide, Worksheet, Activity

    Tudor Knights and Coats of Arms. Presentation explaining the origins of armour and family coats of arms and crests in Tudor times. Henry became the new King of England, Henry VII, in 1485. 4 After Henry defeated Richard, and became the new…

  • Clothes in Tudor Times by mike ennington


    Clothes in Tudor Times. Presentation investigating and comparing clothes worn by the rich and poor in Tudor times. Our clothes are easy to fasten, using zips, poppers and velcro. The fabrics (silk, cotton, fur) came from far away countries…

  • Tudor Buildings by mike ennington


    Tudor Buildings. Presentation on Buildings in Tudor times examining materials used to build and comparing buildings and houses for rich and poor Tudor people. The wood was carved by carpenters into long timbers and then the timbers were fa…

  • Tudor Food by mike ennington

    Worksheet, Activity

    Tudor Food. Presentation on diet in Tudor times, comparing rich and poor diets, and discoveries of new foods during the age of Atlantic exploration by the Tudors. The only food they would not make themselves was bread. 7 Poor Tudor people …

  • Tudor Nursery Rhymes and their history by mike ennington


    Tudor Nursery Rhymes and their history. Presentation on Tudor Nursery Rhymes and an explanation of their history in Tudor times. You will learn and perform Humpty Dumpty and investigate why, in Tudor times, this rhyme became a teasing rhym…

  • Tudor Exploration by ndgoodwin

    Lesson plan

    Tudor Exploration. Lesson plan teaching children about Tudor exploration. Explain that exploration was a very expensive business with no guarantee of success. Hand out differentiated work sheets with Tudor map compared to modern map – chil…

  • Become a Tudor Travellor by suzycanoe

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    Become a Tudor Travellor. I created this lesson plan for my 4 students (ESL). It is designed to put the students into the life of Tudor Travellers. Any comments are welcome, I hope you enjoy it. Some children will have progressed further: …

  • Tudor Ships by ndgoodwin


    Tudor Ships. This interactive whiteboard file guides you through information about Sir Francis Drake's ship, The Golden Hind. Children then go on to make their own Tudor ship from paper art straws, using the TASC wheel to guide them.

  • Christopher Columbus activity by a2b


    Christopher Columbus activity. Developed from TES resource, gapfill worksheet Copy out and complete in your BOOKS “CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA” Christopher Columbus __________ born in Genoa, Italy. He_________ many ge…

  • Tudor Explorers Table Names by celgrey

    Posters and displays

    Tudor Explorers Table Names. A set of 4 table names, using famous explorers as a theme. Originally, I downloaded a tudor style font for these, however, it may display differently if you don't have it installed - so you can edit this how yo…

  • Tudor Exploration Under Elizabeth I by Women's History Month

    Lesson plan

    Tudor Exploration Under Elizabeth I. Women’s History Month - March - KS2 History – Tudor Exploration Understanding Tudor exploration during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I This lesson will highlight to c…

  • Tudor Ships by ndgoodwin

    Lesson plan

    Tudor Ships. This lesson plan should be used in conjunction with the interactive whiteboard file, Tudor Ships, which guides you through information about Sir Francis Drake's ship, The Golden Hind. Show slide 3 of NB – more photos of Golden…

  • How the Tudors Began: worksheet by mike ennington


    How the Tudors Began: worksheet. To be used in conjunction with powerpoint presentation, 'the Rise of the Tudors: The Battle of Bosworth, 1485'. Children can watch/read the presentation and answer the questions on the worksheet. …………………… a…

  • Clothing in Tudor Times by mike ennington


    Clothing in Tudor Times. Worksheets showing rich and poor clothing in Tudor times. Name: Date: Name the features of Henry’s Clothes and then colour in the picture using the colours of rich Tudor clothing Why did Henry wear such rich and ex…