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    VICTORIAN SEASIDE PHOTOGRAPHS. Good for teaching about Seasides in the Past - a selection of Victorian seaside photos and railway posters.

  • Year 6 History Time Machine lesson by flookbird

    Year 6 History Time Machine lesson. We use this at the start of the year to recap chilren's historical knowledge and to help them to place historical time periods on a timeline. 5 Hmm, better go back a bit further this time….hopefully some…

  • Victorian Education Lesson Plan by Palframan

    Lesson plan

    Victorian Education Lesson Plan. This goes with the Interactive whiteboard presentation about Victorian Education. Children should respond to the question with prior learning and teacher will make a spider diagram around the theme of Victo…

  • Victorians - resources by ptaylor

    Other, Posters and displays

    Victorians - resources. A set of resources for Victorians including a title label and smaller labels for display. Hope its useful Queen Victoria She was queen for 63 years and was married to Prince Albert. She asked Prince Albert to marry …

  • Victorian Timeline by Pomme deMac

    Other, Worksheet

    Victorian Timeline. The Victorians I have used this with my year 3/4 class and the children really enjoyed it. The top half of the time line is the key events in Queen Victoria's life (not too much information for children so young). The b…

  • Victorians Assembly by mw6474


    Victorians Assembly. An assembly script with accompanying powerpoint to be shown on whiteboard or through projector connected to laptop about Victorians. Everyone put on your seat belts this could be a bumpy ride! Britney: (arrives and sta…

  • Working Victorian Children by Miss Glendinning


    Working Victorian Children. This powerpoint focuses on working Victorian children. This was not something new to the Victorian period as children had always been expected to work for hundreds of years. 4 Lucky children got apprenticed in a…

  • Victorian timeline by smckinley75


    Victorian timeline. Key dates for victorian inventions, milestones etc 1837: Victorian era 1840s William IV dies and his niece Victoria becomes Queen. 1854 Florence Nightingale organised nursing in the Crimean war. 1863 The Football league…

  • Victorian Children by the hippo


    Victorian Children. Questions relating to the BBC History website History Homework Children in Victorian Britain Go to Google and type in BBC History for Kids. Read the section and click on Interactive Site. Of course, you will want the Fu…

  • vocabulary cards for Victorians topic display by clangercrazy

    Posters and displays

    vocabulary cards for Victorians topic display. A set of cards which can be printed, laminated, sliced up and displayed in the class to help when doing the Victorians as a class topic. Each card has the vocab, and a picture with a William M…

  • Children in Victorian Britain: Down the Mine by NuffieldHistory

    Other, Activity

    Children in Victorian Britain: Down the Mine. In these sessions we see the power of story to give children a key into the past, to engage them imaginatively and to provide them with a mental picture of an historical situation. NUFFIELD PRI…

  • The Victorians - Children's Rights by kimberley_lloyd


    The Victorians - Children's Rights. ACTIVPrimary ppt discussing children's rights and the work of Dr Barnardo. Part way through I read the class 'Stepney' from the 'Victorian Britian' resource pack supplied from Barnardos - the specific cl…

  • Victorian Timetable by gemraroloz


    Victorian Timetable. I have uploaded some example timetables of a poor and rich Victorians day, and a blank worksheet for the children to record their own day. A Poor Victorian Child’s Timetable Name: Charlie Rove Age: 10 years old Schooli…

  • Comprehension work book for Street Child by 0600046


    Comprehension work book for Street Child. Comprehension work book and answers for Street Child by Berlie Doherty. 4) Why did Mrs Hodder bite the coin that Jim gave to her? 2) Page 23—”He heard Emily give a little sigh beside him.” Why does…