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  • British History Timeline by Keighleigh

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    British History Timeline. Timeline for the children to cut out and order and then add dates. Hopefully it is accurate, welcome any feedback. K British History Timeline Roman Britain Victorian Britain Tudor Britain Viking Britain Geo…

  • Vikings: who were they? by NuffieldHistory

    Other, Activity

    Vikings: who were they?. Here's a lesson to introduce a topic on the Vikings © IN THIS FORMAT NUFFIELD PRIMARY HISTORY 2005 • VIKINGS NUFFIELD PRIMARY HISTORY ROMANS, ANGLO-SAXONS AND VIKINGS IN BRITAIN WHO WERE THE VIKINGS? So we decided …

  • Powerpoint presentations on the Vikings by Amy Glover


    Powerpoint presentations on the Vikings. Just a few power point presentations I made for my class while teaching the Vikings. This starts at 9pm and ends at 8am the next day! They looked after the children, made the family's clothes and co…

  • Pirates by choralsongster

    Lesson plan, Posters and displays

    Pirates. Based on information from the National Maritime Museum's website with images. Though most pirates targeted ships, some also launched attached on coastal towns. Unless they were paid a ransom, they were sold as slaves or used as oa…

  • Viking artefacts by Maenoferren

    Posters and displays

    Viking artefacts. As I visit schools with a handling box, I made this resource (an ongoing project as I obtain more stuff). The schools get a copy of the pack to allow them to produce displays etc. This allows for schools not using Comic S…

  • Viking boat worksheet by RJR_38


    Viking boat worksheet. A worksheet based on Viking longboats. NB: There are 2 false statements Put these statements in the right place – but be careful, there are 2 false ones!! The sail was made from linen and leather In bad weather the s…

  • Tracking Down the Vikings in Britain by franklinwatts

    Other, Activity

    Tracking Down the Vikings in Britain. Information and activity material about Vikings in Britain extracted from a new title published by Franklin Watts. They attacked Christian monasteries, which were undefended and had valuable treasures …

  • Viking Boat Booklet by Beckieboo90


    Viking Boat Booklet. A booklet to aid children in designing and making a Viking Long Ship. What is your design brief? What are your specifications? Sketch 2 designs. Sketch 3 shields for your boat. How will you decorate your boat? Final de…

  • The Vikings, Runes by pwilloughby3

    Other, Activity

    The Vikings, Runes. Comprehensive Power Point charting the origins of Viking writing, the high regard they held it in and how it was used in an everyday manner. When we write music, we use notes. What do we use to write words? 4 Why do you…

  • British settlement - who and where? by google

    Lesson plan, Activity

    British settlement - who and where?. Students learn about who settled in Britain and where, and why the villages and towns that we live in today are located where they are. They then go on to think about what features made certain location…

  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking timeline - events to order by SaveTeachersSundays

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    Anglo-Saxon and Viking timeline - events to order. W LO Lesson structure and activities Resources Success Criteria Evaluation 2 To arrange historical events in chronological order To understand how we name centuries e.g. the 21st century I…