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  • Handout: HOW TO DRAW A GRAPH! KS2, KS3. by sjtorrance

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    Revision aid

    Handout: HOW TO DRAW A GRAPH! KS2, KS3.. A check list handout for pupils of all years, to aid their graph drawing skills. Could be used in Science, Maths, Geography, etc. Drawing A Graph Use a sharp pencil Use a ruler Chose the rig…

  • Keywords 4 Display by Scott Versace

    Posters and displays

    Keywords 4 Display. Words associated with Number, Geometry & Handling Data to use as displays or as part of the lesson. Simply cut them out, back them, laminate them and use them over and over and over or with a display. Algebra Int…

  • Averages by Michael Sharman

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Averages. Mean, Median, Mode Recognise the difference between the three measures of average. 256-67 Processing and representing data, using ICT as appropriate 256-61 Calculate statistics for small sets of discrete data: find the mode, m…

  • APP Level 4 Targets Maths Poster by y6ta

    Posters and displays

    APP Level 4 Targets Maths Poster. Posters to help children familiarise themselves with APP targets. Group data in equal group sizes. Multiply and divide by 10 and 100. Add and subtract decimals to two decimal places. Order decimals to 3 de…

  • Interpreting graphs by cathy911

    Worksheet, Activity

    Interpreting graphs. Levelled questions on line graphs and block graphs with APP links Gladiator themed In response to people asking for the answers, I found with my class that the children produced a range of readings from the line graphs…

  • Conversion Graphs Intro ppt by frickard

    Worksheet, Activity

    Conversion Graphs Intro ppt. Used for introduction to conversion graphs with a Year 7 maths class. 27/01/10 1 2 Units How many different units can you think of? 10 11 inches cm How many inches is 7cm? Your scales measure weights in pounds …

  • Birthday - data handling activity. by sphynx thinker

    Lesson plan

    Birthday - data handling activity.. A simple data handling activity for the start of term. Data Handling: A get to know you maths activity. How could they display what they have learnt? Eg table, list etc Ask 2 groups to join together and …



    YEAR NUMERACY FRAMEWORK OBJECTIVES OVERVIEW GRID. I've found it useful to have an overview of objectives to see what the coverage is to allow flexibility with my planning. YEAR 3 NUMERACY FRAMEWORK OBJECTIVES OVERVIEW A Counting, partition…

  • Interpreting Line Graphs KS2 by cleggy1611

    Worksheet, Tutorial

    Interpreting Line Graphs KS2. 2 differentiated worksheets and a short introductory lesson with questions from SAT papers for a plenary. What was the temperature at 3 o’clock am? Can you estimate the temperature at 07.30? Can you estimate t…

  • Rainforest Maths: data handling, area & perimeter by kayemisodi


    Rainforest Maths: data handling, area & perimeter. What is perimeter? It is the total length of all the sides of a shape. 50m 100m 50m 120m 20m 100m Area B = 50m x 20m = ______ m2 Area A = 120m x 50m = _____ m2 Total Area of shape = Area A…

  • E-Bay Line Graph Lesson by Darren Ayling

    Worksheet, Activity

    E-Bay Line Graph Lesson. This is a PowerPoint and differentiated worsheet task about reading a line graph. Also on the TES site is another lesson about using an e-bay screen to do some simple maths number work. By the end of the lesson can…

  • year 5; mathematics; planning; c1; c2; c3 by rooneys

    Termly planning

    year 5; mathematics; planning; c1; c2; c3. Explain what they show. ü ü 5d Changing state: Present results of the time taken for washing to dry in different conditions in tables and graphs, and use these to identify trends in results and ma…

  • APP Level 5 Targets Maths Poster by y6ta

    Posters and displays

    APP Level 5 Targets Maths Poster. Posters to help children familiarise themselves with Maths APP targets Understand that different outcomes may result from repeating an experiment Understand and use the probability scale from 0 to 1 Ask qu…

  • example numeracy plan from renewed framework by diverkw

    Lesson plan

    example numeracy plan from renewed framework. An example of some planning done from the Renewed Framework for numeracy w/c 27.11.06 EXAMPLE OF NEW PLANNING Year 3 Objectives Follow a line of enquiry by deciding what information is importan…

  • Year 5 C1 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 5 C1 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. Revisit the use of data collection tables and tally charts making sure that children…

  • LIne graph example by AsaAnne

    Posters and displays

    LIne graph example. Linked to a topic on micro organisms - an example of a line graph based on multiplying rates of 'super bugs' 1

  • Maths Y6 Spring Teaching Sequence M2-D2 by HamiltonTrust

    Lesson plan, Other, Worksheet

    Maths Y6 Spring Teaching Sequence M2-D2. Measures and handling data: range, mode, mean and median (five days). © Original teaching sequence copyright Hamilton Trust, who give permission for it to be adapted as wished by individual users. C…