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  • Capacity word problems by carriecat10

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    Capacity word problems. 2 differentiated worksheets with a range of word problems … change the names to suit your class! How much water will we save if Mrs Hitchins decides to have a shower too? 5. Ryan collected some rain water in a bucke…

  • Volume / Capacity by stuffedcrust


    Volume / Capacity. Worksheet for children to practise adding quantities and converting between ml and L. VOLUME 1: record answers in ml A B C E F G H + I + 500ml 300ml 150ml 250ml 1 L 200ml 175ml 400ml + + + + + + + + + VOLUME 2: Record an…

  • Measures by howsoonisnow

    Measures. Conversion of units 1 Length, Mass and Capacity 2 Today we will be learning to: use standard metric and imperial units for measuring capacity convert from metric to imperial units plot a conversion graph. 4.4cm 44mm 9.7cm 97mm 1.…

  • Level 3 Mathematics by umla7

    Pupil assessment

    Level 3 Mathematics. This is a 97-2003 compatible version of an existing resource. I can use 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 times tables to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers. I recognise shapes in different orientations and can reflect shapes in a horiz…

  • converting g to kg by heleni125

    converting g to kg. Introduction to key mass conversions using kilograms and grams for year 3/4 children. 1 Mass Read and begin to write the vocabulary related to mass. Know ¼, ½ ¾ and 1/10 of 1kg in grams. Kilograms measure the weight of …

  • Capacity Worksheet by neilarths


    Capacity Worksheet. Some word problems relating to capacity, some of the questions are taken from leveling documents from the Dfes Website. How many 150 ml cups of juice can be filled from the jug? Explain how you worked it out. A B 4. Sop…

  • APP Level 3 Targets Maths Poster by y6ta

    Posters and displays

    APP Level 3 Targets Maths Poster. Posters to help children familiarise themselves with Maths APP targets I can constuct bar charts and pictograms. I can read and write numbers to at least 1000 I know what each digit in a number represents.…

  • measuring cylinders by tikatika

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    measuring cylinders. Game for two or more players, involves place value of capacity, reading scales and filling in measuring cylinders accurately.

  • Year 6 D1 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 6 D1 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. Include a wide range of measuring instruments and give children opportunities to mak…

  • Year 3 D1 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 3 D1 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. These three days focus on problem solving in real-life contexts. Children will commu…

  • Container Capacity by lauraemmasims7


    Container Capacity. For this activity to work a series of different sized containers with a capacity that is a multliple of 100ml are needed, along with several 100ml cups. Write down how many cups it took. To fill the container it took __…

  • Measuring Capacity - Wizard Activity by chalabre


    Measuring Capacity - Wizard Activity. This is an activity I wrote and have done with my Year 5 class in the past. One who always did the right thing, the other slightly mad. The first ingredient was simple, 200ml water from a sea that had …

  • Teachers TV: Primary Maths - Measures by Teachers TV

    Lesson plan, Other

    Teachers TV: Primary Maths - Measures. Great Lesson Ideas on measures in primary maths - children have to estimate the volume of puddles, make muffins and concoct magic potions! At Cuffley School, Year 2 estimate the volume of wa…

  • Willy Wonka Capacity Activity by Hop Scotch

    Worksheet, Activity

    Willy Wonka Capacity Activity. Willy Wonka capacity activity which involves children making a drink using 5 different ingredients. However, recently I have noticed how boring the drinks are that are available. Therefore, if you would be so…

  • Capacity Problem Solving Worksheet/Activity by rosabellaangelica


    Capacity Problem Solving Worksheet/Activity. There are three differentiated problem solving activties in this document. His bucket holds 1 litre of water. That is 1000ml. 150ml 150ml 50ml 50ml 600ml 600ml 200ml 200ml 500ml 500ml Tom wants …