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  • Measure Treasure Hunt by victeach

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    Measure Treasure Hunt. Put up these problems around the room. Print out and distribute the answer sheet, one per pupil, or team, and set them off to find the answers. How many cups can I pour from a litre bottle? 6 Mathematical Treasure-hu…

  • Mystery Measures by Andyjink99


    Mystery Measures. Our children measured various areas and items in the school playground. The childrens task now is to convert the units of measure using the worksheet. 9.11.11 To know how to measure accurately MYSTERY MEASURES MYSTERY MEA…

  • Conversion Graphs Intro ppt by frickard

    Worksheet, Activity

    Conversion Graphs Intro ppt. Used for introduction to conversion graphs with a Year 7 maths class. 27/01/10 1 2 Units How many different units can you think of? 10 11 inches cm How many inches is 7cm? Your scales measure weights in pounds …

  • Year 6 D1 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 6 D1 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. Include a wide range of measuring instruments and give children opportunities to mak…

  • Length Conversion Loop Cards by Miss J

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Length Conversion Loop Cards. Mixture of capacity, weight and length loop cards using mm, cm, m, g, kg, ml and l. Pupils are required to convert between the units. I have 150mm Who has 1200g in kg? I have 1.2kg Who has 1 ½ m in cm? I have …

  • Reading Scales by tomjoyce


    Reading Scales. This worksheet has three stages of differentiation. It contains scales that have intervals of 1,2,5,10,20,100,200,0.1. I hope this is useful I have looked everywhere for a worksheet like this and couldn't find one so decide…

  • Magical Measuring by rjcarter68


    Magical Measuring. A range of practical measuring activities with a magical theme. Weighing (g/kg – grams and kilograms) 1. How much does one poisonous red apple weigh? 2. How long is the sweeping brush 3. What is the length of the bristle…

  • measurement fact booklet by kCOATES

    Revision aid

    measurement fact booklet. revision aid for pupils who need to learn equivalent measures. keywords: measures, facts, revision, Quill96 Story Group Class hp deskjet 5550 series Corbis. All Rights Reserved. Woman Standing on Scale Woman Stand…

  • Measurement homework by rjcarter68


    Measurement homework. A range of fun measuring activities as homework. 2 How many millilitres are there in your bottle of shampoo? (Are you in danger of getting square eyes!?) (m/cm) 8 How much does your breakfast cup/glass contain? Some o…

  • Year 6 Measure Problems Level 5 by Mr M


    Year 6 Measure Problems Level 5. A range of problems linked with measures that targets children work towards or at level 5. LO:I can convert between related metric units using decimals to three places,

  • Year 4 - measures by DavidHowes1977

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Year 4 - measures. Three lessons that look at measures and converting between different units, e.g. m, mm, cm...including worded problems related. What would I measure that door in? The playground? Give a ruler marked in cm and mm to each …

  • Year 4 C1 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 4 C1 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. Make sure children can work in practical contexts and understand what degree of accu…