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  • Pop up 3D nets & islamic patterns. Activity.KS3, 2 by mrsblacknell

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    Pop up 3D nets & islamic patterns. Activity.KS3, 2. This is a great activity to help children understand the how nets are made up without all of those fiddily flaps! It is possibly the most significant and elegant connection that transc…

  • Y4 B3 worksheet - visualising 3D shapes/make nets by clangercrazy


    Y4 B3 worksheet - visualising 3D shapes/make nets. a b c d 2. Now match the nets below to the correct shape. Write the name of each one and then list what 2D shapes you would need to make each one. Then test them using polydron. Tick if yo…

  • Maths Primary: Measuring/Shapes "Straws 2" by chriscrispus


    Maths Primary: Measuring/Shapes "Straws 2". Straws contains 10 activities to develop thinking skills and facts for shape at KS1, KS2 and KS3. What kind of triangle is it? Show me a square, a rhombus. Activity 3 Take 4 straws; two long ones…

  • KS2 Nets of Solids by Jinky Dabon

    Activity, Cards and flashcards, Tutorial

    KS2 Nets of Solids. An introduction lesson to Geometry 3-D Shapes and nets of solids. Hope you find this useful. 1 Maths Primary 5 By: Jinky Dabon Sunday, November 30, 2014 1 2 Sunday, November 30, 2014 2 d 3 Sunday, November 30, 2014 3 4 …

  • Nets for making 3d shapes by asnac


    Nets for making 3d shapes. This consists of images of nets, with foldable tabs, for the following 3d shapes: Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, Cuboid, Square based pyramid. Each is presented on its own page. Nets fo…

  • Maths Year 5 'I Can' statements - Blocks A1 - E1 by se26

    Posters and displays

    Maths Year 5 'I Can' statements - Blocks A1 - E1. I can use them to work out division facts and to multiply multiples of 10 and 100 7. I can find a pair of factors for a two-digit number 8. I can multiply or divide a whole number by 10, 10…

  • Level 3 Mathematics by umla7

    Pupil assessment

    Level 3 Mathematics. This is a 97-2003 compatible version of an existing resource. I can use 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 times tables to multiply and divide 2 digit numbers. I recognise shapes in different orientations and can reflect shapes in a horiz…

  • Polydron booklet by lizcollings


    Polydron booklet. This polydron booklet use to be available to download from the owner's website. This is followed by a large section given over to activities for children. Towards the back of the booklet there are some ideas for using Pol…

  • APP Level 3 Targets Maths Poster by y6ta

    Posters and displays

    APP Level 3 Targets Maths Poster. Posters to help children familiarise themselves with Maths APP targets I can constuct bar charts and pictograms. I can read and write numbers to at least 1000 I know what each digit in a number represents.…

  • Cuboid nets - make a mobile phone by amanda goddard


    Cuboid nets - make a mobile phone. Lesson allows students to design a mobile phone and make a net then build it, or they can use preprinted nets and add their own features, or they can make a fake life sized Blackberry or iphone. Hope you …

  • Year 3 B1 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 3 B1 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. Assessment focus: Ma3, Properties of shapes Look out for children using the properti…

  • Maths Y6 Autumn Teaching Sequence S1 by HamiltonTrust

    Lesson plan, Other, Worksheet

    Maths Y6 Autumn Teaching Sequence S1. 2D and 3D shape and angles (five days). © Original teaching sequence copyright Hamilton Trust, who give permission for it to be adapted as wished by individual users. Children identify nets of closed c…

  • polyhedra by mhg


    polyhedra. excellent website great graphics with tons of printable nets

  • Can you name the 3D net? by pgcerjohnson


    Can you name the 3D net?. Very quick game asking children to identify the nets of some 3D shapes - starts off with multiple choice then has 2 open questions. Probably best used as a plenary. 3D shapes and their nets! 6 How about this one? …

  • Different Nets of Cubes Challenge Year 2/3/4/5 by ellieteacher

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Tutorial

    Different Nets of Cubes Challenge Year 2/3/4/5. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! There is another activity in case any of them solve it quickly, but it look them longer than I thought so you might not need the second activity. (making the cubes or m…

  • Nets of cuboids by coltnessperry


    Nets of cuboids. Worksheet to find dimensions of cuboids from nets. Fill in the dimensions on the box. 8 cm 4 cm 4 cm 4 cm 4 cm 2. Fill in the dimensions on the box in each question. cm cm a) b) 4. Complete the nets of these boxes.

  • Nets - Extension Activity by julsgate

    Worksheet, Tutorial

    Nets - Extension Activity. An extension activity for gifted and/or talented supporting 3D shapes and nets. J. Steele 2011 – Net Boxes Activity sheets for Net Power Point 2011Page Nets – Extension Enlarge nets as required. Enlarge nets as r…