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  • SATs (Year 6) Maths revision quiz by crystalp

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    Revision aid

    SATs (Year 6) Maths revision quiz. A quiz of 40 questions and answers across the three subjects. 7 Question 5 A coach takes 2 hours 50 minutes to travel from Leeds to London. 180 1080 1800 13 Question 10 You're standing at position (-1,-4)…

  • APP Level 3 Targets Maths Poster by y6ta

    Posters and displays

    APP Level 3 Targets Maths Poster. Posters to help children familiarise themselves with Maths APP targets I can constuct bar charts and pictograms. I can read and write numbers to at least 1000 I know what each digit in a number represents.…

  • Compass directions by Nickybo


    Compass directions. This sheet has a big grid at the top, with a star in one of the squares. Underneath are instructions for the children to follow e.g. from the star draw a green circle 3 squares south. Covers 8 point compass directions. …

  • SEN Maths Self assessment by seebee

    Pupil assessment

    SEN Maths Self assessment. Motivating charts for children to complete by colouring a football/ dinosaur as they achieve objectives at level P7 - 1b. Gives you at a glance assessment of SEN maths

  • Coordinates worksheets by pumpkin898


    Coordinates worksheets. Two worksheets originally created for top set Year 5 maths class - lesson on 2 quadrant coordinates. What shapes do they make? Write the names inside the shape. Draw each triangle that can be made onto the coordinat…

  • Sea Co-ordinates by RNLI Education

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Sea Co-ordinates. Lesson plan and interactive whiteboard activity to develop use of coordinates to locate boats on a grid, from a simple to more complex exercise. Teacher Notes:Activity 1 is easy but activities 2 & 3 will need more underst…

  • Year 3 D1 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 3 D1 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. These three days focus on problem solving in real-life contexts. Children will commu…

  • Coordinates investigation by TheBombadillo


    Coordinates investigation. Simple PowerPoint that gives children the challenge of creating as many known 2D shapes as possible using coordinates. Give children coordinates grid (or just numeracy book) and ask to create their own shapes. Co…