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  • Translation, rotation and reflection worksheets by flicktrimming

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    Translation, rotation and reflection worksheets. Simple worksheets that vary in difficulty. Rotate the shape 180o clockwise. Translate the shape 2 squares up and 2 squares to the left. 1.) 2.) 3.) Reflection: Draw these shapes in your book…

  • Rotational Symmetry by MrBartonMaths


    Rotational Symmetry. SSM Transformations Level 5 To be able to recognise the order of rotational symmetry of any shape. A square We say that a square has… It fits on itself 4 times back 2 order 1 Eg2. (Example 1) Every shape has an order o…

  • Order of Rotational Symmetry by jade_lfc23


    Order of Rotational Symmetry. I wanted to introduce the concept of rotational symmetry to my top set in Year 4 but didn't want to go into rotating shapes across a mirror line etc.. All I wanted was to introduce them to the order of rotatio…

  • Tessellation by trigwiz

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Tessellation. A series of lesson plans and suggested activities for Year 5 or 6 of an often missed but essential area for mathematical development ‘tessellation’. Topics also included: tiling and tesselation. I understand ‘that a tessellat…

  • Rotating shapes (5) by SQUIDLEY


    Rotating shapes (5). Draw rotationsof various shapes on a grid. To answer as many questions as you can Sponsored by Maths Worksheets Rotation Test (5) 2 Sponsored by Maths Worksheets Rotation Test (5…

  • rotation by ANIL AMBADY MATHIRA


    rotation. rotation No Rotational symmetry (Order 1) Rotational symmetry (Order 2) Rotational symmetry (Order 3) Rotational symmetry (Order 4) Rotational symmetry (Order 5) Rotational symmetry (Order more than 5) Name: ---------------------…

  • Rotational and Line Symmetry by MrBartonMaths

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Rotational and Line Symmetry. students must shade in squares in order to form patterns with one or two lines of symmetry, or orders of rotational symmetry. Complete this pattern so that it has one line of symmetry. S S S S S S S S S S S S …

  • Hexpentas by nrich maths


    Hexpentas. This activity is accessible to a wide variety of pupils. At a higher level, more experienced or older pupils can be expected to go about the activity in an organised, systematic way. The two pdf files (hexagonal shapes) could be…

  • Rotational symmetry patterns by pink12house


    Rotational symmetry patterns. This can be used as an art activity, an introduction to rotational symmetry or an extension easy! 4 Use it as a guide to mark the 8 segments on an identical circle 5 Use a ruler to draw the eight…

  • Rotating shapes by Nazard


    Rotating shapes. Example to show how it is possible to rotate a shape in notebook, where the centre of rotation is not the centre of the shape.

  • Year 6 Rotation Worksheet by RJSENIOR

    Other, Worksheet

    Year 6 Rotation Worksheet. A worksheet for children to practise rotating shapes by 90 or 180 degrees. However it's an ideal teaching point for pushing higher ability. A A A A A A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 Section B, rotate the shapes 180° CW about poin…

  • Mirror Writing by MrsH


    Mirror Writing. Worksheet that involves matching two copies of letters. MIRROR WRITING Each design on this page is really half of a word. Place one copy on top of the other, and slide them around until the two copies of the design meet. Yo…

  • Maths Y6 Summer Teaching Sequence 4 by HamiltonTrust

    Lesson plan, Other, Worksheet

    Maths Y6 Summer Teaching Sequence 4. Revision: Shape (two days) © Original teaching sequence copyright Hamilton Trust, who give permission for it to be adapted as wished by individual users. Watch out for children who align the edge of the…

  • Rotating Shapes by Miss J


    Rotating Shapes. Rotation of shapes on coordinate grids. A A Rotate the ‘L’ shape 180° anticlockwise around point A. Write the coordinates of your new shape. A A Rotate 90° clockwise around the dot.

  • Rotating shapes (3) by SQUIDLEY


    Rotating shapes (3). Draw rotationsof various shapes on a grid. To answer as many questions as you can Sponsored by Maths Worksheets Rotation Test (3) 2 Sponsored by Maths Worksheets Rotation Test (3…

  • Symmetry and Logos by alutwyche


    Symmetry and Logos. I've been meaning to do this for ages and finally got around to doing it. Describe the symmetry on each logo - should open up some discussion. Symmetry and Logos Describe the symmetry (both reflective and rotational) in…

  • Year 6 D2 maths planning by chriscrispus

    Lesson plan

    Year 6 D2 maths planning. This planning is easy to use and full of creative, investigative and practical activities and ideas to develop real mathematical thinking and understanding. Look for evidence of children reasoning about shapes and…

  • Symmetry Levelled SATs questions by paul urry

    Pupil assessment

    Symmetry Levelled SATs questions. symmetry key stage 2 sats questions organised by levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Mark scheme and notes also added as an addiiotnal file. Up to 2 [2]     M2.          Diagram completed as shown: Accept slight inaccur…