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  • Circuit Training Station Cards by tw23

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    Cards and flashcards

    Circuit Training Station Cards. Easy printed off, laminated and used for all circuit training lessons. Cards for most activities eg, squats, shuttle runs etc. ARM CIRCLES PUSH UPS CRUNCHES SKIPPING SHUTTLE RUNS ABDOMINAL CURLS STEP UPS TRI…

  • Muscle health station cards by gregmeacham

    Cards and flashcards

    Muscle health station cards. Resource cards for a HRE/ circuit training lesson 1 REST STATION EASIER Perform with no equipment HARDER Perform with more resistance 2 SHOULDERS LOWER SHOULDER RESISTANCE 3 BACK OF ARMS TRICEP DIPS EASIER HARD…

  • Healthy Hearts - Key Stage 2 Fun Circuit Training by Mr. A


    Healthy Hearts - Key Stage 2 Fun Circuit Training. I've also added picture cards which can be put at each station, and to encourage reading skills they each contain a brief description of each activity. For the Ball Catch activity the pair…

  • Multiskills Station Cards by djhf20

    Worksheet, Activity, Cards and flashcards

    Multiskills Station Cards. 12 Ideas for multi-skills stations. Ensure hoops are touching and the first hoop is 2m from the throwing line. One pupil on bench at a time. Pupil gets onto bench and puts a beanbag on their head. EQUIPMENT: 1 no…

  • Y5 Fitness Planning by AsaAnne

    Termly planning

    Y5 Fitness Planning. An example of a half term plan for fitness Year 5 PE – Year 5 Spring 1 National Curriculum References Learning Objectives Activities Outcomes KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF FITNESS AND HEALTH 4a How exercise affects th…

  • Circuit Training Activity Cards and Record Sheet by Becci84


    Circuit Training Activity Cards and Record Sheet. This was created for my boy heavy year 6 class. This counts as one lap! Count how many laps you do. 1 press up is when your elbows bend at a 90 degree angle. One full rotation counts as one…

  • Mission X Train Like An Astronaut by heathermacrae


    Mission X Train Like An Astronaut. Resources developed by NASA with other international space agencies including Uk Space Agency to inspire students to think about science nutrition and exercise using astronauts as role models. resources i…

  • Nasa Training- Space P.E by MissMackey10

    Lesson plan

    Nasa Training- Space P.E. P.E circuit training planning for year 4, based in real NASA training taken from their website. Co-ordination. Speed. Agility Strength. Following instructions. Show the marked out distances. We are going to try to…

  • Hip to be Fit by bkbutler

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Cards and flashcards

    Hip to be Fit. This is a complete fitness unit of work designed for year 5 and 6 elementary students. Subject Competency Personal Development Physical Education Performs movement skills in different physical activity settings Interacts wit…

  • keeping fit is fun by Hwb Welsh Government


    keeping fit is fun. A resource that introduces children to simple circuit training.

  • KS2 Circuit Training Plans by kyle88

    Termly planning, Other, Worksheet

    KS2 Circuit Training Plans. Here are some resources to help with the planning of a circuit planning unit. 4c Why physical activity is good for health and well-being. After each – group voting as to which part of the body you felt it most ‘…

  • Wheel of Fitness by The Children's Museum Of Houston

    Other, Activity

    Wheel of Fitness. Make exercise fun with this interactive game that can be played in large or small groups. 4. Place the paper clip under the spinner and carefully poke the straight wire through the center of the wheel and out the top. 8. …

  • decathlon by noodle


    decathlon. a circuit of activities where student do a variety of skills at each station. Equipment needed · Small tennis Balls or equivalent. · Students must not hold it on, if it drops off they must stop put it back on and start again.…

  • Workout Flashcards by CatStobes

    Cards and flashcards

    Workout Flashcards. Some easy flashcards which can be laminated and used indoors or outside. Can be used for most ages and stages. 10 star jumps 10 sit ups 10 push ups 10 squat jumps Run on the spot for 30 seconds 15 star jumps 15 sit ups …

  • Test yourself by lbrowne


    Test yourself. Time how many of the following activities you can do in one minute and record your answers: Jogging on the spot, stepping, press ups, sit ups, bending and stretching. How Fit are You? Test yourself How many of the following …

  • Cardio Comparisons by The Children's Museum Of Houston

    Other, Activity

    Cardio Comparisons. In this activity, children will become familiar with cardiovascular activities and how their heart rate changes as they are doing cardiovascular activities. Your heart beats to pump oxygen-filled blood through your arte…

  • 5 Station Circuit Training by missmpearson1

    Cards and flashcards

    5 Station Circuit Training. Step ups, Ruler Reaction Test, Skipping, Shuttle Runs & Burpees. Use your partner to count how many times you jump over the rope. Station 3 - Burpees Complete as many burpees as you can within 1 minute. Other pe…

  • Train Like An Astronaut: Explore and Discover by NASA Education

    Guide, Other, Tutorial

    Train Like An Astronaut: Explore and Discover. NASA astronauts explain the importance of aerobic and anaerobic fitness for performing spacewalks.  hacer observaciones diarias acerca de su rendimiento físico y mejoras. ¿Qué otra cosa podrí…