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  • PSHE Scheme of work for YEAR 6 by arth

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    Termly planning

    PSHE Scheme of work for YEAR 6. Scheme of work for whole of year 6. It has objectives and uses SEAL and LCP scheme. Speaking and Listening- T1 60- To understand and use a variety f ways to criticise constructively and respond to criticism.…

  • PSHCE Long term plan by arth

    Termly planning

    PSHCE Long term plan. A PSHCE plan of all topics covered from years 1-6 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2 Year 1 New Beginnings- SEAL Link to RE- Belonging Communities LCP ANTI-BULLYING WEEK: Say No to Bullying- SEAL Li…

  • Going for Goals and Good to be me planning Yr 3/4 by paris0504

    Termly planning, Activity

    Going for Goals and Good to be me planning Yr 3/4. Going for Goals and Good to be me planning and resources Subject – PSHE – Going for Goals & Good To Be Me Term – Spring Year Group: 3/4/5 NC Objectives: Going for Goals Year 3 Children wil…

  • PSHE SEAL Planning by paris0504

    Termly planning

    PSHE SEAL Planning. Year 3/4 New Beginnings and Getting on and Falling Out Subject – PSHE Term – Autumn Year Group: 4 Class: Falcons Lessons Success Criteria Differentiation/ Support Curriculum Areas (incl. ** I can explain the importance …

  • PSHCE / PSHE - New Beginnings by celgrey

    Termly planning, Guide, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    PSHCE / PSHE - New Beginnings. A unit following the SEAL title of 'New Beginnings'. (ignore the Egyptian figures on the plan - it was our topic at the time!) The unit uses some SEAL materials, which I've included here. Social CC – Speaking…

  • Year 3 Going for goals plans SoW by Khat

    Termly planning

    Year 3 Going for goals plans SoW. Medium Term plan for year 3 SEAL Laurance Haines Primary School Medium & Short Term Planning Subject: SEAL Unit: 4 Going for Goals Dates: Spring i Term Year Group: 3AM/3SS Proposed Date Learning Objectives…

  • PSHE Termly Planning - Year 2 and 3 by Alanda2009

    Termly planning

    PSHE Termly Planning - Year 2 and 3. A termly planning sequence with inputs, main activities and plenaries and detailed objectives for year 2 and 3. Year 1, 2 and 3PSHCE Summer Term Planning – Chilton Cantelo SchoolMiss Alanda Phillips Obj…

  • PSHCE / PSHE - Bullying by celgrey

    Termly planning, Guide, Activity, Posters and displays

    PSHCE / PSHE - Bullying. A unit that follows some of SEALs 'Say no to Bullying' ideas. Children are able to suggest how to deal with a difficult situation. Repeated incidents, nature of incident, physical or mental, intended, fairness (unp…

  • SEAL: Year Overview and Getting Started by Behaviour_NatStrats

    Termly planning, Guide

    SEAL: Year Overview and Getting Started. Information on developing the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning in the primary curriculum and an overview of the 7 themes covered over the school year. • They enable us to get on with other p…

  • PHSE New Beginnings by Daisy Courtney

    Termly planning, Worksheet, Activity, Posters and displays

    PHSE New Beginnings. This is a unit of work based on the SEAL PHSE guidance. Use ‘Interview a friend’ sheet in lesson 1 folder. I know that I am valued at school. Mime Chn should choose something they like doing, work out a short mime to s…

  • Free Charity Resource Pack by StarfishGreatheartsFoundation

    Termly planning

    Free Charity Resource Pack. Free resource pack containing a series of lesson plans and additional activities to introduce children to the work of Starfish and the issues we tackle with children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in southern Afric…