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  • light refraction and reflection by R Dally

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    light refraction and reflection. Powerpoint on light. The hyperlinks no longer go to the exact place because they have changed the site but you will be able to find all sorts of java aplets from the molecular expressions site. The image is…

  • Year 3 Science planning on Light and Shadow by DavidHowes1977

    Termly planning, Worksheet, Activity, Tutorial

    Year 3 Science planning on Light and Shadow. A complete half term's planning and resources on th QCA topic of light and shadows. 7am: Andy misses the school bus one morning and has to walk to the school 4 7am: One morning, Andy misses the …

  • Reflections and Mirrors by Timeforcoffee


    Reflections and Mirrors. This is a powerpoint I used as part of my unit on Light for a mixed Y3-4-5 class. Today…. We will be doing 4 experiments with reflections this afternoon. How can I do an experiment to test if materials reflect? Lig…

  • How We See Things Display by happyphantom

    Posters and displays

    How We See Things Display. A document containing lots of labels and printables to create your own How We See Things Display. Quill96 Story Group Class

  • Year 6 Light (How we see things) by DavidHowes1977

    Worksheet, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz, Cards and flashcards

    Year 6 Light (How we see things). A series of teaching notebooks as well as some activities and worksheets on this topic. Hold it about 5 cm away from the desk. Some are great at REFLECTING light – in other words it bounces off them. TASK:…