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  • Science demonstrations by sianiews

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    Science demonstrations. A fantastic booklet of Science demos that I came across completely by accident! ??????????????????????? ??????? ???????? ?????? ? 1? ? ????????????? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ????? ??? ????? ???…

  • A Balanced Diet by

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    A Balanced Diet. During this activity you will be presented with a series of food. You will choose whether each one is a balanced or an unbalanced meal.

  • Muscles and movement wordsearch by Gemma2


    Muscles and movement wordsearch. Key word wordsearch Muscles and Movement S T R A I G H T E N S Y R Z U L C U V I B N C P E J H E F B Q O O S E I O E X D U U T U R Q F C N P N O A B K P C R F G K N D O T E L X D I I F O X P S S S R …

  • Effects of Smoking by lesleywhittle


    Effects of Smoking. Powerpoint to discuss the effects of smoking Effects of Smoking

  • Staying Healthy, Keeping Fit by geminiwhizz

    Worksheet, Activity

    Staying Healthy, Keeping Fit. A colourful booklet of worksheets and activities that I hope will engage pupils and students of varying ages.Can be used as a whole or just pick the items that suit your needs. These new substances are used fo…

  • Healthy eating, healthy living LESSON PLAN by Grain Chain


    Healthy eating, healthy living LESSON PLAN. This topic covers the key food groups and nutrients, highlighting the importance of a healthy balanced diet and prepares students to investigate different foods. Supported by full lesson plan plu…

  • diet - fit for life HT by HarrisSchool

    diet - fit for life HT. ppt about diet 1 Learning Objectives Recall the main food groups (level 4) Recall the main food groups and give examples of them in foods (level 5) Recall the main food groups, give examples and explain what they do…

  • Alcohol - So You Think You Know it by Elvington

    Worksheet, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Alcohol - So You Think You Know it. Drinking alcohol in pregnancy increases the risk of foetal alcohol syndrome. The whites of the eyes have gone yellow Bleeding that won’t stop Tiredness and painful belly Any or all of the above Stacy Rhy…

  • Eatwell plate IWB game by Grain Chain

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Eatwell plate IWB game. Game which can be used by individuals or small groups. Students must plan a balanced meal using the Eatwell plate model. Part of a full lesson suite which can be found at…

  • Energy balance classroom game by Grain Chain

    Other, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Energy balance classroom game. Use this fantastic game to cement your students' learning on healthy balanced diet and balancing enery in and enery out. has a fun interactive board game for individual players to pit their wit…

  • Fitness tests by Teach_Biology


    Fitness tests. Two activities, differentiated for different abilities. The force that you create is a measure of the strength of your bicep muscles in your arms. Get your partner to count your pulse beats for 30 seconds. Put your left hand…

  • Respiration Word Equation Card Sort Plenary by lauravitty


    Respiration Word Equation Card Sort Plenary. A set of word cards to be printed out and cut up for pupils to then rearrange. Can be adapted to symbol equations for higher sets and ask them to balance this. I use this as a plenary to refresh…

  • Using quadrats by Teach_Biology


    Using quadrats. The 'daisies' PowerPoint is shown to the class. The second slide needs to be printed on card and then the quadrats cut out and handed out to students. See if this will help… 3 78 4 Using a grid like this helps you to estima…