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  • Charles Darwin and Evolution by louarmour

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    Lesson plan, Other

    Charles Darwin and Evolution. The main document includes a brief letter and a detailed but easily read set of lesson plans for the aforementioned topic/theme. The earth is over 5 billion years old. Life first originated in the oceans 3.…

  • Genes, Inheritance and Variation by MarkLindenCole

    Lesson plan, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Genes, Inheritance and Variation. PowerPoint predsentation with embedded video and tasks. Write the answers in your book. K Bolam Who do you think are his parents? ½ comes from the sperm and ½ from the egg These instructions are found in t…

  • Variation, Inheritance & Cloning by danielle21711

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity

    Variation, Inheritance & Cloning. Suitable for topic 9A - Science or Fiction. Name: Mystique Characteristics: Can shape shift, meaning she can gain the appearance of anything. Bell Time Activity Name, 9po3, Science, Miss Ord on the front o…

  • Inheritance by Homer Simpson by Dave Kelly

    Lesson plan, Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Inheritance by Homer Simpson. Inheritance taught in the style of The Simpsons. Variation is due to GENETIC or ENVIRONMENTAL causes. For example, consider identical twins: Ways in which Patty and Selma are the same (caused by genes): Ways i…

  • Extracting DNA from peas by sabiakhan

    Lesson plan

    Extracting DNA from peas. Suitable for KS3/4 Extracting DNA from peas In this experiment you will be extracting DNA from peas. To see the DNA we have to split open the 2 sacks. Step 4: Tilt your test tube and slowly pour rubbing alcohol (7…

  • Marsh Monsters by IndigoandViolet

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity

    Marsh Monsters. An hands-on activity for students to learn about genetic dominance and random sorting. Marsh monsters instructions Each pair needs 1 set gene cards printed on pink card 1 set gene cards printed on blue card A characteristic…

  • Genes Are Us - Meet Pamela by Jeans for Genes Day

    Lesson plan, Guide, Worksheet, Activity

    Genes Are Us - Meet Pamela. Pamela is living with Sickle Cell Anaemia, an inherited blood disorder which causes bouts of intense pain that can strike anywhere in her body. You can’t tell where people’s ancestors come from just by their ski…

  • Inherited and Environmental Variation with Mr Men by s_broadhead

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Inherited and Environmental Variation with Mr Men. I taught this lesson to my mixed (mostly high) ability Year 7 class. Have a look at the person next to you. i.e. Mr Sneeze has blue skin, long legs, red nose etc. Ask them to discuss in pa…

  • Guess Zoo by ARKive

    Lesson plan, Other, Activity

    Guess Zoo. Guess Zoo is fun animal guessing game that can be used to introduce or support several lesson themes, for example species diversity, adaptations, habitats and classification. The activity can be used on its own or in conjunction…

  • Mendel & Genetic Crossing by TRF23

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    Mendel & Genetic Crossing. Simple lesson with worksheet on Mendel and Genetic Crossing. Mendel was a monk with a passion for gardening. Dominant genes will ‘beat’ recessive genes and will appear as a phenotype (feature). Dominant Traits Re…

  • Free Fungi Teaching Resources by davidmoore

    Lesson plan

    Free Fungi Teaching Resources. The British Mycological Society has produced a range of resources to help teach fungal biology. The resources include free to download articles published in British Mycological Society magazines, example l…

  • KS3 / KS4 low ability introduction to variation by jimbo1708

    Lesson plan, Activity, Tutorial

    KS3 / KS4 low ability introduction to variation. 2.Scientific Enquiry/How Science Works (What you intend the pupils to learn about the principles and processes of science / Sc1) – there should be at least one objective here All (low) Colle…

  • Variation and Inheritance by lesley_aec

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Tutorial

    Variation and Inheritance. powepoint for lesson with starter, plenary and worksheet. Mothers Egg Cell Fathers Sperm Cell 22 x 22 x 22 y FERTILISATION 44 x x Females have two X chromosomes, one from each parent Mothers Egg Cell Fathers Sper…

  • IVF by mariahblackwell

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity

    IVF. This is a lesson which could be used in either KS3 or KS4. What is infertility? When was the first human embryo fertilised outside the body? The most important of these is whether people have a right to a child. Learning Objective: To…

  • Selective Breeding Game by Darren Arbon

    Lesson plan, Worksheet, Activity

    Selective Breeding Game. A game based on selective breeding! THE AIMS: Earn the Most Money Make the Best Cow. Keep the animals for breeding. £10 for 1 good trait. Sell milk/steak to Mr. Arbon (Steak loses you the animal) Buy more animals.

  • Variation and Inheritance Unit 9A SOW by jacqui1974

    Lesson plan

    Variation and Inheritance Unit 9A SOW. Complete SOW lesson plan linked to Hodder C. Year 9 Module 9A Inheritance and Selection September 2002 Overview: Lesson 1: How are offspring of the Same Parents similar but not identical? That individ…

  • Survival of the fittest by N p

    Lesson plan

    Survival of the fittest. Darwin survival fittest dodo extinct cartoon Who’s the dude on the £10 note? What if the seas dried up? This bird eats fruit, what if there was a drought? All offspring have good memories so over time all squirrels…