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  • Elements, compounds and mixtures revision by hanmphillips

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    Revision aid

    Elements, compounds and mixtures revision. A worksheet which revises the key areas in this topic, including particle diagrams, and the number of atoms in elements. What contains two or more elements chemically combined? What contains two o…

  • Mnemonic for Reactivity Series by nomad1970

    Revision aid

    Mnemonic for Reactivity Series. Mnemonics for recalling the order of metals in the reactivty series 1 The Reactivity Series Mnemonics To help you remember: The first letter of each metal is the first letter of each word in a sentence. Pota…

  • metals and non metals by nw1pls

    Worksheet, Revision aid

    metals and non metals. Revision lesson on metals and non metals. You will be answering questions on this on the next slide Which metal is the most reactive? Which metal is used for jewellery and why? Name a metal that is more reactive than…

  • Year 9 Chemistry quiz by jellies64

    Revision aid

    Year 9 Chemistry quiz. Chemistry quiz. Y9 CHEMISTRY QUIZ TEAM: _______________________ gain of oxygen _____________ loss of oxygen _____________ term used to describe a substance breaking down when heated ____________ ______________ brown …

  • Year 9 Revision cards by toonfan

    Revision aid

    Year 9 Revision cards. Containing questions relating to fit and healthy, metals and space... Pupils cut out, hole punch and treasury tag/tie together. 1) Give two uses of satellites 2) Give two ways in which rusting can be prevented. 6) Co…

  • Intorduction to metals by ajewell

    Revision aid

    Intorduction to metals. Simple powerpoint to start students thinking about metals 1 Metals Year 9 Module 9E Reactions of Metals 2 What Does This Do? 3 Properties of Metals What do we mean by properties? Characteristics, Things that make me…

  • Revision Loop Chemical Reactions and Metals by hanmphillips

    Revision aid

    Revision Loop Chemical Reactions and Metals. A revision game, covering keywords such salts, products and reactants as well as the general word equations. Designed for KS3 but could also be used as KS4 revision. I have also used this with E…

  • Reactivity Series Revision Sheet by bennettej

    Revision aid

    Reactivity Series Revision Sheet. A revision sheet for Y9 reactions of metals and the reactivity series. Also suitable for GCSE revision. Sheet intended as kick start to revision and allows for pupils to add their own additions to the page…

  • Recations of metals song by hanmphillips

    Revision aid

    Recations of metals song. Sing to the tune of Mary had a little lamb, this takes them through acids plus metals, carbonates and bases. Acids plus carbonates give carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, water and Salt Acids plus carbonates that’s t…

  • Reactions of metals with acid by rainbowhunter

    Revision aid

    Reactions of metals with acid. A very good animation from the skoool website showing how sodium, zinc and magnesium react with hydrochloric acid. Good as a starter/plenary.

  • Practise Chemistry KS3 by James Young

    Activity, Revision aid

    Practise Chemistry KS3. A range of activities (cloze, crossword, quiz, match) on Keys Stage 3 Chemistry. Use in lessons or just link to it so students can work on their own for revision. A good place to send them if they are preparing for …

  • Common chemical formulae by bogstandardcomp

    Revision aid

    Common chemical formulae. A resource sheet I give to Yr 8/9 (& others) students starting the metals topic to help them become more familiar with compounds/molecules and their formula. It also helps them to write symbol equations without my…

  • Chemistry - The Elements Blind Date Video by capra

    Revision aid

    Chemistry - The Elements Blind Date Video. Fantastic Video about the periodic table and the alkali metals as a Blind Date show. The famous chemistry Blind Date video now available ! Part 1 and Part 2 !!

  • Reactions of metals revision poster by ajewell

    Revision aid

    Reactions of metals revision poster. Students complete at the end of the topic so all the info is in one place for revision Reactions of Metals – Revision Sheet Reactions of Metals with Air Properties of Metals Reactions of Metals with Aci…

  • Chemical Reactions Self-assessed homework sheet by AJLaycock

    Other, Revision aid

    Chemical Reactions Self-assessed homework sheet. Homework sheet given near the end of topic. 3. Formed by adding oxygen. True or False? Wordfill A fuel is a substance which burns to release e______. They mainly consist of the elements carb…

  • Revision Activities for Reactions of Metals by seasquirt

    Revision aid

    Revision Activities for Reactions of Metals. These were revision aids produced for our Yr 8 Chemical Models unit that covers Elements, Mixtures and Compounds, Metal reactions, displacement reactions and corrosion Find Someone who can … You…

  • rusting by mbal0011

    Revision aid

    rusting. conditions for rusting and prevention Rusting Rusting and burning have something in common; they both require oxygen. When all the magnesium has burned allow the crucible and lid to cool. Rusting is an oxidation reaction because i…

  • Ks3 Metals smartboard file by danny nicholson

    Lesson plan, Revision aid

    Ks3 Metals smartboard file. Smart notebook file for KS3 teachers to use in lessons about metals and reactions of metals. There are eight pages to support the activity. These can be used as lesson starters, lesson plenaries or to support th…

  • Practice word equations by lcoppin

    Revision aid

    Practice word equations. This is suitable for CE students and KS3 patterns of reactivity as well. John found an Iron nail and put it in water he noticed that it went rusty. When Joe burnt magnesium he found a white powder formed his teache…