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  • The Rainforest 10 Question Quiz Starter by Darren Ayling

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    Game, puzzle, quiz

    The Rainforest 10 Question Quiz Starter. This a 10 question PowerPoint presentation on the layers of a rainforest and the adaptations of some of the plants there. C B D A 2 4 5 8 Question 1 How many layers is a rainforest divided into? Whi…

  • Focus on Climate Change scheme of work by CAFOD

    Lesson plan, Guide

    Focus on Climate Change scheme of work. Focus on Climate change is a Primary cross-curricular scheme of work. Establishing understanding and addressing misconceptions about climate change. Day 2 The greenhouse effect. Carbon footprints …

  • climate zone map by elianagreen

    Lesson plan, Worksheet

    climate zone map. map and worksheet 1 World Climates Learning Objectives: To compare climate around the world To be able to explain different climate zones of the world Key words: Equatorial, Mediterranean and desert. Geographers identify …

  • Ecosystems by johnwkeegan

    Ecosystems. A series of lessons on ecosystems based on the principles of AfL JKE Upton-by-Chester High School Geography Department Ecosystems Lesson 1 JKE To understand the location and distribution of Climate Zones. What does Arid mean? J…

  • Rainforest Display Materials by Darren Ayling

    Posters and displays

    Rainforest Display Materials. This is a collection of labels, facts and information about rainforests that can be used as part of a display. In the moist rainforests of South America, sloths move so slowly that algae is able to grow in the…

  • Rainfall data. KS2, KS3 Statistics. by toumi


    Rainfall data. KS2, KS3 Statistics.. Rainfall data for manaus, Brazil and London, UK presented in a chart. Data can be used to create a variety of graphs. Ext. What type of graph would you draw to show the rainfall in Brazil and UK?…

  • Why are deserts located where they are? by goldentramp85

    Lesson plan

    Why are deserts located where they are?. This is a lesson via powerpoint which explains a hot desert climate. They can stick the post-it note in their book or could be a point of discussion. 2 What I’m looking for… PLTS Starter Unscramble …

  • The Geography Weather Song by durgamata

    Guide, Activity

    The Geography Weather Song. A resource prepared for year 7 Geography, learning about climate and weather - this song or rap is designed to introduce or revise the topic using musical intelligence. The intake from two schools which were in …

  • Climate Change Assembly pack by christianaid

    Guide, Activity, Assembly

    Climate Change Assembly pack. Climate change poses a serious threat to the planet and its people. Have they ever had to cancel a barbecue, or a day at the beach, or a football match because of rain? 2. Show slide 2. This is Gouanfing Couli…

  • Geography Half term planning resources - KS3 by NEN

    Termly planning

    Geography Half term planning resources - KS3. KS3 Half term plans on environmental change and weather. They use pictures or symbols to show familiar places and what they are for, such as making simple plans and maps of the school environme…

  • Madagascar by nicolabenson33

    Lesson plan, Guide, Worksheet

    Madagascar. A unit of work focused upon the first film which aims to develop Geographical skills and understanding alongside literacy There’s a zoo loose! Q1. On a world map label the continent of Africa and the island of Madagascar. Peopl…

  • British Isles Climate by lrabbetts


    British Isles Climate. Cloze exercise on the British Climate The climate of the British Isles. It is generally warmer in the __________. This is because it is closer to the Equator (but not too close!). There are more __________ hours in t…

  • UK Climate - Making climate graphs by tokyoboy


    UK Climate - Making climate graphs. This activity teaches the pupils first to read a climate graph and then to make one. It includes information on a variety of different aspects including rainfall and temperature . Climate graphs showtwo …

  • You are moving to a new biome! by cehawes


    You are moving to a new biome!. Literacy task - students choose a new biome to live in and write a short text to describe what their new home will be like etc. Choose one from the list below then write a paragraph explaining why you would …

  • Climate Zones Journey by Royal Meteorological Society

    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Climate Zones Journey. This game needs to be set up in a hall or large classroom. If they answer the question correctly, they progress, if they dont, they are sent back or face a penalty. Once they have visited all the climate zones, they …

  • Survival in a foreign climate by lrabbetts


    Survival in a foreign climate. Pupils have to imagine they have been in a plane crash in a foreign climate and they must decide what to take with them in order to survive. Survival in a foreign Climate Imagine your plane has crashed landed…

  • Drawing Climate Graphs by WillsonEducation

    Lesson plan, Activity

    Drawing Climate Graphs. This lesson helps students to understand how to read a climate graph and shows step by step how to draw them Using the graph on the board (Station A) answer the following questions on the sheet – Do this in silence …

  • Wheat Farming in the UK: Four Short VIDEOS by Grain Chain


    Wheat Farming in the UK: Four Short VIDEOS. UK cereal farmers bring the practice to life in these four short videos. Ideal for starter activities, discussion topics, environmental issues and sustainability.