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  • Straightforward Map Skills test by Smudge78

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    Straightforward Map Skills test. End of unit test :) Name and Surname: _______________________ Geography Map work Assessment AUTUMN 1 How many continents are there? The shop is at the centre of the island. TASK What else would you expect t…

  • General Knowledge Quiz's - Geography, Film, Sports by Craig Palmer

    Test, Game, puzzle, quiz

    General Knowledge Quiz's - Geography, Film, Sports. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 12. Name the actor who plays James Bond in Casino Royale and Skyfall. 21. What English footballer has played for Manchester United, Preston North End and Real Madrid?

  • Ecosystems (deserts and rainforests) by blackfriary

    Termly planning, Test, Worksheet, Activity

    Ecosystems (deserts and rainforests). New, full scheme of work, to include differentiation. Should: be able to describe how an ecosystem functions and explain how it would change if certain components were altered/removed. Either (i) Card …

  • Year 7 map skills test by jmjbayley


    Year 7 map skills test. Put together a map skills test using a range of worksheets and other tests I had! No mark scheme, but is pretty self explanatory. ____________ (1) c.) What are the other two ways of showing height on a map?

  • Weather and climate scheme of work and resources by blackfriary

    Termly planning, Test, Worksheet, Activity

    Weather and climate scheme of work and resources. A newly written scheme that includes differentiation in each section and suggestions for activities (they are not necessarily resourced yet as our department will do this as it roles out). …

  • Rainforest uses carousel activity lesson by Hayley Oxby

    Test, Activity

    Rainforest uses carousel activity lesson. Higher and lower. 9,000 indigenous people have been forced to leave the flooded area and have had to pay to be rehoused. Areas of rainforest have been cleared to make way for mining operations and …

  • Shanty town Game by SJMAC

    Test, Game, puzzle, quiz

    Shanty town Game. Adapted from Thinking through Geography and designed for year 9 based on Kiberia in Kenya. 3. At each stage you must explore then justify your choices and decisions. In wet weather they turn to mud. Water is obtained from…

  • Weather and Climate End of Unit Assessment by Kelly Kerrigan


    Weather and Climate End of Unit Assessment. Including mark scheme. (2 marks) 1. ________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________ 7. You have studied six factors which influence climate. d…

  • Shopping SOW by Subjectteacher1

    Test, Activity

    Shopping SOW. Geography shopping (6 lesson SOW) Includes: Lesson powerpoints and end of unit Assessment Shopping LO: To understand the different types of shopping and why people would shop in a certain place. eg: Bread, milk etc. Supermark…

  • KS3 Geography Rivers Unit of Work by smithc2013

    Other, Test, Worksheet, Cards and flashcards

    KS3 Geography Rivers Unit of Work. 17 Lessons provided including worksheets, tests etc. It is important you read it first! You can always look at it when answering a question. Bangladesh is a very poor country and so has less money to spen…

  • Maps & Mapping Assessment by krystina2

    Pupil assessment, Test

    Maps & Mapping Assessment. Key mapping issues and skills covered in a series of 2-3 mark questions. Convert this into kilometres. (2) Name the places in the following 4 figure grid squares: (3) 2062 2065 1961 Name the features in these 6 f…

  • Population Test by WillsonEducation


    Population Test. This test consists of seven multiple chose questions and a ten mark question which involve the students writing a speech about population issues in different parts of the work for examples AIDS or the One Childe Policy Pop…

  • Year 7 KS3 Geography Baseline assessment by Eco-boy


    Year 7 KS3 Geography Baseline assessment. Year 7 Geography Baseline assessment and mark scheme. Name four countries where this mountain range can be explored. ) The …………………………………………. is in grid square 2212. Country Number of people UK 8 Sp…

  • Weather Assessment KS3: lower to middle ability by krystina2


    Weather Assessment KS3: lower to middle ability. Mostly clouds, pressure systems and rain (as dominators of UK weather), but easily adaptable to any topics covered on your own SOW. Name 3 types of cloud. (3) Name 2 hazardous weather events…

  • Conflicts in limestone areas by SJMAC

    Test, Worksheet

    Conflicts in limestone areas. looks at conflicts in limestone areas. Tourist The quarry is a scar on the landscape. What is your opinion about quarrying in the Yorkshire Dales? In 1949 a law was passed by the government to both protect cer…

  • Olympic Starter Lessons by vhinde

    Other, Test, Worksheet, Activity

    Olympic Starter Lessons. Introductory lessons on Olympics designed for year 7 students. At the first one-day Olympic Games, the only event was a short sprint from one end of the stadium to the other. Away from the arena, most spectators ha…