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  • Atomic structure by munkey702003

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    Game, puzzle, quiz

    Atomic structure. Guess the element from the description. The following slide will reveal the answer. 1 Which element am I? 2 I am made up of 7 electrons. 7 Answer: I am Boron 8 I have 2 electrons in my first shell, 8 in my second shell an…

  • Edexcel chemistry C1 revision booklet by emma1103

    Revision aid

    Edexcel chemistry C1 revision booklet. This booklet has been devised so that it follows the course lesson by lesson. Scientist think Earth’s early atmosphere could have been like Titans (largest moon of Saturn, only known moon with a dense…

  • Unit 1.3-1.4 - Atomic structure by david_worden

    Pupil assessment, Worksheet

    Unit 1.3-1.4 - Atomic structure. For each element you MUST write the number of neutrons and protons You should also write the short electron configurations for each element. 3. What happens to the number of SHELLS as you move down the grou…

  • Revision Notes for AQA GCSE Unit 3 by joest

    Revision aid

    Revision Notes for AQA GCSE Unit 3. Now includes energy section + one or two other small omissions AQA UNIT 3 GCSE REVISION NOTES (Higher only in italics) The Periodic Table History At the start of the 1800s quite a lot of elements had bee…

  • Mind maps for the C1 AQA by TASA2201

    Revision aid

    Mind maps for the C1 AQA. The mind maps can be used as an introduction and/or a summary to each chapter. Opposite ions attract each other and form ionic bonding. They can be represented by word and balanced symbol equations. Atoms are made…

  • New edexcel 2011 C1 Revision summary mats by becky_harg

    Other, Revision aid

    New edexcel 2011 C1 Revision summary mats. Revision mats for Chemistry C1, only topics 1-4. Just added topic 5, please leave any comments and let me know if you have found these useful. Draw the carbon cycle: Draw or write key factors and …

  • AQA C1 Revision Checklist by smog

    Revision aid

    AQA C1 Revision Checklist. Covers the NEW AQA 2012 spec. d) The relative electrical charges are as shown: Name of particle Charge Proton +1 Neutron 0 Electron –1 e) In an atom, the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons in t…

  • Group I and Group VII lesson resources by dudette2001uk

    Guide, Other, Worksheet, Posters and displays

    Group I and Group VII lesson resources. This was a series of resources I used to teach a top set Year 10 about Group I and Group VII in the Periodic Table. Explain your answer. ___________________________________________________________…

  • Transition metals by Chemistry_teacher

    Transition metals. Contains two tasks for students. In the first they choose the correct properties of transition metals. 1 Transition metals 2 Transition metals… Usually have low melting points Usually have high melting points Are all mag…

  • Mortar, Cement and Concrete by jechr

    Worksheet, Activity

    Mortar, Cement and Concrete. Power point to acompany worksheet and acitivity used to explain the uses of limestone and applications of limestone products complete with an afl sheet- questions differentiated acording to ability and knowledg…

  • Halogens by Chemistry_teacher


    Halogens. This simple worksheet is suitable for foundation level students. 1 The Halogens The halogens are the elements found in group ………. of the Periodic Table. 2. What happens to the size of the halogen atoms as you go down the group?

  • Limestone and its Uses by ksmith88

    Worksheet, Activity, Tutorial

    Limestone and its Uses. Powerpoint with resources to introduce the topic of limestone Limestone and its uses Miss K Smith Learning Objectives To be able to state the uses of limestone To be able to describe what happens to limestone when w…

  • Cement and Concrete by Gerwyn Bish

    Activity, Game, puzzle, quiz, Posters and displays, Tutorial

    Cement and Concrete. Set of lesson slides introducing how cement, mortar and concrete are made. C: D: Barium Sulphate Calcium Carbonate 3 Excellent! 17 A: B: Acidic Alkaline £2,000 Calcium hydroxide is…? C: D: Neutral Anhydrous 18 Super! 2…

  • C3 topic 2 information HT by HarrisSchool


    C3 topic 2 information HT. background information for C3 TOPIC 2: Groups in the Periodic Table Group 1 Alkali Metals The Alkali Metals form Group 1 of The Periodic Table, and called so because they form oxides and hydroxides that dissolve …

  • Exit Ticket Worksheet C2 OCR Gateway (2011/12 spec by Helen R


    Exit Ticket Worksheet C2 OCR Gateway (2011/12 spec. These are all I have made and they are PDFs because I made them originally in Pages to allow me to get the ticket-style design. Key Words to use: calcium carbonate, cement, clay, sand, ag…

  • BTEC First Certificate/Diploma Applied Science: Chemistry by tilton jake


    BTEC First Certificate/Diploma Applied Science: Chemistry. This is another potential way of tackling chemistry assignment 1. The "top trump" format proved very popular and easy to monitor. Task 3: D1 The programme presenter requires an exp…